Your Christmas Guide to Glowing Skin


The festive season is upon us and it is time to get down the Christmas decorations, put up the lights outside and play some Christmas carols around the home. Being such a busy time of year it is easy to let your skincare routine fall by the wayside, but it does not have to be this way! There are many short and sweet procedures that you can book to ensure that your skin stays in the best condition for the family Christmas photos less than a month away! For the best glowing skin this Christmas we have compiled a list of the most popular procedures that are sure to have you turning heads at the next Christmas gathering.

DivinePRO VoluDerm

  1. TriFractional Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Resurfacing


Skin resurfacing is a fast and effective way to a glowing, radiant complexion. It combines surface ablation, on the epidermis, with the stimulation of natural healing processes in the dermis. Like with our other radio frequency skin treatments, TriFractional treatments utilise the same technology to achieve close to unbelievable results. The procedure has minimal discomfort associated and little to no downtime. It is non-invasive so this helps to reduce healing time post-procedure.

The radio frequency is delivered through tiny pins on the specially designed tip, removing tiny spots that can be seen on the surface of the skin and only penetrating 0.2mm deep. This is used to trigger the body’s natural healing processes which lead sequentially to smoother, glowing skin. The tiny abrasions mean that although the treatment heals a larger surface area, not much time is needed to heal the wounds made by the treatment. It is both safe and effective, so you can rest assured that you will be happy with the results.

  1. Dermasweep

Dermasweep is a 3-in-1 treatment that has taken off in recent years. It works through micro-dermal abrasions to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation which in turn oxygenates the largest organ in the body, your skin.

Oxygenating the skin has many benefits, but the main one is that it promotes healing. This treatment acts to quickly heal imperfections through the body’s natural healing processes. It is a clinician-only treatment but goes far beyond the traditional micro-dermal abrasion you may have tried at your local beautician. It uses bristle treatment tips to lift the epidermis. This helps to both oxygenate the skin as well as stimulate lymphatic drainage. It can target a wide variety of skin conditions but leaves you looking fresh and healthy. Again, this treatment can be used on any skin type.

  1. Custom Peels

Chemical peels have not always been so effective and safe, but in recent years that has all changed! Current, medical-grade chemical peels use naturally derived ingredients to address many different skin concerns. They act to remove the top layer of damaged skin to make way for healing and rejuvenation of the layers lying below. The way that it works is by causing some level of inflammation, stimulating collagen productions and new cell growth, leaving you with plump, younger-looking skin. They can benefit all skin types and any skin imperfections, depending on the type of peel you are using.

The great thing about chemical peels is that they are not limited to the skin on your face. They can be used in other areas such as your neck, decolletage, arms and hands. Really wherever you need a little extra boost and rejuvenation. There are several different types of medical-grade chemical peels available, each with its unique benefits.

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, chemical peels are used primarily to lighten and brighten your complexion. They help to moisturise your skin and restore a balance, leaving your skin feeling smooth and luscious. They can be used on any skin type.

Lactic acid peels are used again for their moisturising properties and are suitable for most skin types. They gently exfoliate the skin and will not peel, but in the two or three days following some mild side effects, such as pinkness, may be present.

The salicylic acid peel is targeted towards oily and acne-prone skin. The reason for this is because it is oil soluble and for those who have naturally above average natural oils, it can penetrate deeper into the skin. There is about a 5 day recovery time associated with this chemical peel.

The infusion peel is used primarily for age-related skin concerns, like pigmentation, wrinkles fine lines and brightening. On the other hand, the glycolic peel is used to improve skin texture, rejuvenation and fight acne.

All of these peels will allow you to leave with glowing skin, as long as you target the concerns that you may have for your complexion.

  1. Medical-Grade LED Light Therapy

The LED light treatments can target many different skin concerns, including acne, redness, uneven skin tones and s much more! Whatever your skin concerns the medical-grade LED light therapy can help to stimulate healing and corrections. The instruments used are certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so you can rest assured that they are safe and thoroughly tested. The MediLUX device produces 5 wavelengths of light therapy through 1500 light-emitting diodes of various strengths and intensities. Each targets a different skin concern, which is why they are so effective for such a wide range of issues we face. There is no doubt that this procedure will leave your skin glowing and your complexion close to flawless.