Why You Need Facial Massage Tools in Your Skincare Routine!


Facial massage tools are a little known secret in the skincare industry. Many people have not heard of, let alone used, these key tools that could have drastic positive impacts on your skin. They have a vast array of benefits that you can utilise to address various skin concerns. In this day and age, there is far more pollution and stress in our environment than in years past. This causes a greater focus on skin health.

facial massage

Many do not always have the time or money to constantly be going to the beauty parlour for facial treatments, that is where facial massage tools come into play. Face rollers may be the best at-home option for similar results and without the price tag. You need very little time each day, just a few minutes, to reap the benefits of glowing, smooth skin.


In today’s world, we are often sceptical of trends and fads, especially when it comes to beauty and weightless products. Some disappear just as quickly as they came. Others are proven to work and stick around for a long while. Facial massage tools, like facial rollers, are here to stay. This is because they yield real results and work for all skin types. Many celebrities and beauty bloggers attest to the effectiveness of the beauty tool and how it works to soften and rejuvenate the skin. We are all likely familiar with the product, it is currently advertised in many places including on social media and e-commerce sites.


If you too are sceptical about how to face rollers work and why they are so beneficial for your skin then read on to find out more. We have provided a full outline of why they work, the types to choose from and how to maintain your new face roller.


But why exactly is a face roller? They are a beauty tool that is usually made from crystals such as jade and rose quartz which are used to gently massage the face and stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system. They can minimise harmful toxins and relax your muscles, reduce puffiness and vastly improve your circulation. Some face rollers have a large end for areas like the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck, while the smaller stone on the other end is to focus on under the eyes and lips.


The benefits of face rollers are vast. The rolling of stones over the face can certainly improve blood circulation. It stimulates blood flow to the face and in turn, can make your skin glowing and radiant. Increased blood flow can help to bring colour to the face too.


Face rollers also reduce puffiness, which is especially useful after waxing or shaving on the face. If you keep your face roller in the freezer for at least one hour before use then it can help to reduce puffiness and redness flowing hair removal, and it will remove tension.


It can remove excess oil from the face. If you suffer from oily skin and acne then this could be the  It stimulates the lymphatic system, especially if used on the ears. It will keep your lymph nodes healthy! They can also remove toxins, flushing them from your skin and helping to detoxify your face. If you are looking to detox your body this can be added to your daily regime.


Since the face roller can reduce puffiness then it can make your face temporarily thinner. Not only can it make your face appear thinner after use, but it can also reduce the size of your pores! Reducing pore size will give the impression of a flawless complexion.


But what is the proper process for use of this beauty tool? Start by applying your serum or face oil of choice to your skin. You can also use moisturiser if you prefer. Spread it evenly over your face and neck. His will enable the face roll to run over the face smoothly and not rub.

You need to start at the neck and move upwards towards the face. Do not push too firmly, use light hands to roll from the jaw to your ear on either side. Then continue using this motion from your jaw to the cheekbone. You can then proceed to the top and bottom of the forehead, nose and lips. This process should not take longer than 5 minutes. For the best results massage twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Including the face roller in your morning and night skincare routines will help to rid your skin of spots and wrinkles.


There are two main types of face rollers, jade and rose quartz. If you are a beginner then the jade face roller is ideal as it is seen as a facial treatment. It has been used for centuries in Chinese culture as jade and metal are cold substances that do not need to be kept in the refrigerator for a cooling effect. Jade is not as smooth as other stones though, but it can still be helpful to contour.


If you are looking to use your face roller for more than two minutes you will want to invest in a rose quartz face roller. They maintain temperature, whether hot or cold, for a long period. Placing your roller in the freezer for just a few minutes before use can keep it cold for a long time. Traditional thoughts believe that sapphire is meant to cleanse the skin, however, there is no research yet to support this claim.


To clean your roller, wipe it with a clean washcloth. Wash it at least once a week with mild shampoo or a mild face wash. Do not put it in very hot water or soak it in water. To dry, place your roller on a clean, dry washcloth horizontally.