Why is Fermentation so Effective on Your Skin?

We have all seen skincare products that boast the bonus of fermentation. But what makes this so effective for use on your skin and why should you opt for this product over others? Several studies show the effectiveness of fermented skin products in comparison to others and this is something that we will touch upon below.


You will find that fermentation is the heart of Korean skincare lines. With the rise of Korean pop stars, like BTS, Korean skincare has taken centre stage and the fermentation process has been introduced into more mainline brands in the Western world. The results are often close to flawless skin with less chance of adverse effects that you may find with other skincare lines. It does not take long to experience the difference in your skin texture and brightness once you make the change to fermented products.


It involves adding microorganisms, for example, bacteria, to natural ingredients in your products. They effectively release enzymes that break down molecules of raw materials and create new substances that will benefit your skin greatly. Fermented skin products often use ingredients such as yeast, fruit and herbs, which are broken down to naturally alter the compounds. In turn, they can create skin-friendly active ingredients such as probiotics or lactic acid. Because of fermentation natural ingredients change to become more potent. This means that there are higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants in fermented skincare. There are three main benefits to fermentation when it comes to skincare.


  1. Helps Your Skin to Absorb the Product


Your skin is the outer layer of defence for your bodies immunity. This means that it is not built to absorb most skincare products, but this is where fermentation comes into play. The molecular size of the active ingredients is too large, so they need to be broken down to be effective and absorbed. In the process of fermentation, these active ingredients are broken down into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed into your skin, making them much more accessible for your skin. It transforms the main ingredients in your moisturiser, serums and facial masks to help your skin accept and absorb the full advantage of the benefits. Since most skincare products only allow for absorption of a small portion of the active ingredients, this is where fermented skin products stand a cut above the rest. If you find that you are not getting results from other creams or moisturisers then fermented skincare could be the answer you are searching for.


  1. Reduces the Chance of Irritation


The most common cause of skin irritation when it comes to skincare products is toxic substances from raw ingredients, such as heavy metals and pesticides. Many of us are sensitive to such ingredients, and it can cause allergic reactions in some severe cases. During fermentation, these substances are neutralised making the products safer and more effective as well as suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. If the fermentation process in the products includes yeast, it can even create additional substances which will actively prevent harmful microorganisms from being produced and will again minimise the likelihood of skin damage or irritation. If you have found that you often experience irritation from your previous skincare routine then making the switch to fermented skincare can have a vast difference. It can allow you to fully experience the benefits of each product.


  1. Creation of New Skin-Benefiting Substances


Fermentation can produce a range of beneficial ingredients that will have a positive effect on your skin. This includes amino acids, organic acids and antioxidants that will both hydrate and nourish your skin. The natural ingredients n your skincare products, for example, milk, vegetables and herbs, can increase in nutrients through this process too! These three benefits of fermented skincare products are the main reason why they are so popular among the general public. They often employ natural ingredients and limit the use of chemicals so that they are suitable for all skin types and do not damage your skin further in the long run.


All-natural ingredients must pass quality control in the lab and companies which use fermentation processes in their skincare products. These companies will only use the best of the best to get the most out of the product. This is an important step in the process and ensures that all products that hit the shelves are as beneficial as possible for the consumer. They are left to ferment for two to three days before the products are made and are ready to hit shelves shortly after. The key is to get the products out to shops as soon as possible to ensure that they are of the best quality. Fermented skincare does not last quite as long as those packed full of preservatives, so they do not sit in warehouses for long.