Why a Free Skin Consultation Might Change Your Skin Game!

We all have our concerns when it comes to skincare and our goals for the perfect complexion. Whether you want to improve your skin texture, even up your skin tone or treat persistent acne there is always a solution out there. If you feel like you have tried everything then a free skin consultation with Ozmedica could be the answer you have been searching for! They can address many different skin concerns and recommend a range of treatments that will rectify these skin issues once and for all.

free skin consultation

The Ozmedica free skin consultation is an important first step in your skincare journey. We find that even those who have been meticulous with their skincare routines have some room for improvement. You can obtain the view of a skincare specialist who will listen to your needs and desires for your future perfect glow and make plans to achieve this over a reasonable period. Each skin issue requires a different treatment and the amount of time with which it may be resolved can vary. From acne to ageing, there is a procedure available to you to combat problems you may be facing.


Having the right skincare plan in place can make all the difference. As these skin consultations are free, both financially and obligation free, there is no downside to hearing what a skincare professional has to offer. The consultations are around 30 minutes in length and are of course completely confidential. The process includes looking at your skin beneath a magnifying lamp so that it may be analysed up close and all issues at the surface can be seen.


This is not just about what kind of procedures would suit you and your skincare goals. Your clinician will also assist you with lifestyle and diet changes that may also help. This can be as simple as increasing your water intake to stay hydrated. Other changes that may be recommended include reducing alcohol intake or adding sun protection to your daily routine. Allowing for more hydration to your skin will in-turn assist with common skin concerns, including ageing and dryness.


At-home procedures and products may also be recommended on top of any procedures that can be offered at the clinic. The use of certain products in the comfort of your own home is important in maintaining your complexion afterwards. Hydrating products with sun protection may be offered to combat concerns such as anti-ageing, dryness and dullness. Antioxidant-rich products will assist with skin brightening and other issues. We can find the best combination of products for you and your complexion through this 30-minute consult.


The procedures we offer are the last point of call in the consultation. Again, this is an obligation-free consult, so you are not required to book anything as a result of this free service. For example, LED facials with blue light can assist with acne, as they kill the bacteria in the pores which can create pimples and blackheads. With red light they can stimulate collagen production, which will plump and smooth the skin, combating fine lines and wrinkles. Dermablading is an exfoliation technique that can stimulate the turnover of cells and improve skin texture and brightness. Once again, chemical peels remove that top layer of skin and allow the face to replenish with new cells. It allows for a new, fresh complexion.


Vitamin infusions are a way of offering a vitamin boost directly into the bloodstream They leave patients feeling energised and with replenished skin. It can have overwhelming results on the signs of ageing. Dermasweep and laser facials are another two procedures that may be recommended depending on what your skin needs.


Several positive results may be present following your procedure, should you choose to proceed with the recommendation of our experts. For those who are trying to reverse the signs of ageing, or those with excessively dry skin, you may find that the texture of your skin is smoother skin, with softer lines and your skin is plump. This eliminates fine lines and wrinkles while also ensuring that the skin is sufficiently hydrated This can also be a direct result of the stimulation of collagen production. For those who suffer from skin concerns such as acne or enlarged pores, you may see a minimisation of your pores and a decrease in the congestion of your skin. This could be due to the elimination of certain bacteria through LED light facials or the reduction in sebum production. If you entered with worries about uneven skin tone then you should find that your skin tone has become less so, leaving your skin glowing and radiant.


It is important to note that our skin care professionals are all highly skilled in their fields. This is why they can offer such advice confidently. You should not underestimate the importance of one of these free skin consultations as they could change the course of your complexion for the better. With so many options for procedures and products flooding the market it can be overwhelming to know where to start, that is why we are here to help.