Which LED Laser therapy is right for me: Blue or Red?

Which LED Laser therapy is right for me: Blue or Red?

In Last week’s blog, we recommended the LED light therapy for when you have to opt for ONE skin treatment right before special occasions but how do you know which one is better suited for you? We want you to achieve the best results so here it goes…

It’s no secret that the movement of Laser Treatments is booming. And why shouldn’t it? They are quick, efficient, pain-free and the results are long lasting. Even better, lasers can treat issues that cannot be treated by manual work. LED Light Therapy is one of the most popular beauty trends at the moment. Home remedies can provide a quick-fix but nothing beats a professional skin treatment. To make the most out of yours, let us look at what these treatments have to offer.

LED therapy can treat skin issues from teen acne to signs of ageing, fine lines to dull complexion, you name it. To dive in a bit deeper, there are two pertinent colours: Blue Laser and Red Laser. We explained a bit the last time what that means but let us compare them now.

Blue LED Light Therapy

The Blue Laser is a deep penetrating medical grade treatment that is offered at the clinic. Our skin cells have light receptors which pick up the LED and converts light into energy. The energy is used by the cells to function at their optimal level to give you your best glow. The Blue LED is best for fighting deeply rooted, stubborn issues like acne. The LED Light removes the bacteria and toxins from the treated are through the lymphatic system.

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All-in-all, the Blue LED Light Therapy is ideal for:

  • improving skin texture
  • reducing active acne
  • reducing sebaceous hyperplasia
  • treating enlarged oil glands.

It takes about 22 minutes and does wonders to your skin.

Now moving on to the Red Laser which is known for and well-suited for aged skin, waiting to be rejuvenated!

Red LED Light Therapy

The Red Laser assists your skin in regenerating its cells, revealing a smoother and youthful look. The skin develops itself by natural skin cell renewal but that process slows down as we get older. This exposes a duller complexion and imperfections on the skin like fine lines and wrinkles. LED light therapy increases the rate of natural skin cell renewal while minimizing any redness or inflammation. The treatment offers lifetime worth of results and reduces ageing imperfections from reappearing.

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So, the Red LED Light Therapy is best for:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • reducing fine lines, wrinkles
  • healing wounds, imperfections on skin
  • treating saggy skin.

Only 30 minutes of your time can uncover a radiant skin. The quicker you hop onto caring for your skin, the better. One year from now, you will wish you started today because ageing is a fact of life and it can take a toll on your skin but who says you have to look your age?

Additionally, for clients who are expecting or are new mothers, the LED Light Therapy is one of the few treatments that is considered to be safe while pregnant or breast-feeding. So, there you go! Take your pick… But if you still need to discuss it with a skin expert, take advantage of our complimentary skin consultation with our professional clinicians.

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