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Do you have a tattoo or multiple tattoos that you aren’t so keen on keeping anymore? Time does change preferences on what you want tattooed on your body, so it is very common for people to look into tattoo removal in this situation. At Ozmedica, we make tattoo removal easy by removing unwanted ink from the skin over time.

How does Ozmedica remove tattoos?

Ozmedica uses a procedure called Medlite C6 for tattoo removal which has four wavelengths and therefore, fewer treatments overall for the client. The technique is precise and gentle and the medical grade Medlite C6 laser is the most effective laser for tattoo removal. Medlite C6 breaks up unwanted tattoos into tiny ink particles that are naturally
absorbed and expelled by the body.

More about MedLite C6:

  • Fades 95% of tattoos with minimal to no scarring

  • Requires fewer treatments than other tattoo removal lasers

  • Four different wavelengths to cater to any type of tattoo removal

  • Can remove multicoloured tattoos

How does Medlite C6 work?

If you’d like to remove a tattoo, there are many factors that must be considered. These factors will also help determine the type and number of treatments required. Factors include: tattoo size, ink quality, whether the tattoo was professionally administered, your complexion and skin type and finally, the depth of the ink within the skin.

Due to tattoo removal being a clinical procedure and the complexities of tattoo removal, it’s recommended that you only choose a clinic with highly trained professionals. Ozmedica has a team of highly trained professionals that are very experienced with the procedure of Medlite C6 among all of their other procedures.

The process of Medlite C6 for tattoo removal is quite simple. If preferred, a numbing cream may be applied at least 15 minutes before your treatment time to minimise pain. The treatment commences with short pulses of energy, which are over very quickly. Following this, you’ll be given an occlusive topical ointment, such as Vaseline, immediately after to protect the area from external irritants. Overall, you can expect the tattoo removal treatment to take anywhere between five and forty-five minutes.

Why is Medlite C6 better than other tattoo removal procedures?

Short power pulses: The MedLite C6 omits very short pulses of power, lasting just 20 ns each. This incredibly short duration allows for a photomechanical effect take place on the skin, shattering ink particles and prompting a safe and effective tattoo removal process.

 Photothermolysis: The laser light also enables a selective photothermolysis to take place. Photothermolysis is a process of attracting specific wavelengths to remove multicoloured tattoo.

Four different wavelengths: The MedLite C6 has four different wavelengths – so each tattoo removal treatment can be customised to suit each and their particular needs.

 Fewer treatments: Fewer laser removal treatments are required when using the MedLite C6, saving clients considerable time and money.

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