It’s almost hard to believe that one simple treatment could be so effective for so many things, but just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Medlite aesthetic laser surprises us again.


If you feel as though your skin is looking a bit drab or lifeless and you need a pick me up, but you don’t have the time for an extensive treatment and recovery time, Medlite laser facial is the perfect pick me up. Requiring no down time,for a full face treatment, Medlite is the perfect choice for anyone needing to refresh their glow on a busy schedule.

A rejuvenation means you’ll get an overall treatment on your entire face, giving you a quick pick me up and keeping your skin gorgeous between spot treatments or more extensive therapies. If you’re not interested in those big ticket treatments but can still identify areas where your skin could improve then Medlite is again, a perfect choice. If you’ve already got great skin and you just need to maintain it before the sun or age starts to set in, Medlite is a gentle and relaxing treatment with lasting results to keep you looking healthy and flawless with no effort! While removing deep pigmentation and other skin problems can take multiple treatments, when it comes to rejuvenation we often see clients electing to return every 6-8 weeks for maintenance, which really speaks for the efficiency and long lasting results of Medlite.

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Medlite laser facial treatment also comes with another advantage – evening skin tone. Having clear, blemish and line free skin with an uneven tone can sometimes be the most irritating of all skin problems, as it often feels like there is simply no fix! With a number of lotions, serums and creams on the market that offer minimal results and short term fixes, Medlite is here to correct textural irregularities and reduce discolouration of the skin. The treatment works to target the root of dark skin cells and remove their ability to regenerate when your natural skin cycles turns. So while in some cases patients claim to see instant results, gradually the skin becomes even lighter and takes on a more even tone over the few weeks following treatment.

The Medlite laser facial treatment utilises short pulses of laser energy, and our experienced treatment providers know exactly the right level to ensure your problem areas are eliminated while keeping the treatment short, comfortable and virtually pain free. We’ve had a number of clients claim that the tingling sensation Medlite laser provides is even relaxing! If you’re in need of a little pick me up, this effortless treatment is the one for you. Call into Ozmedica and see our friendly team of professional therapists and aestheticians to discuss your needs and specific skin problems. We’ll be sure to steer you in the right direction to boost your complexion!

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