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Acne is an extremely common problem, with some health organisations claiming that around 85% of Australians will develop acne during their life. There is definitely no need to feel alone when you’re battling this problematic skin condition, but thanks to its large presence in people worldwide, there are now hundreds of treatments on the market to ensure that acne won’t win. Here at Ozmedica, we have multiple treatments available that target acne prone skin or even just occasional breakouts, and our highly talented and experienced treatment providers are able to work closely with you to identify your skin type, acne type, and exactly which treatment or treatment combination is going to work the best for you. Here are some of our methods!

Acne control treatment


Dermasweep is the next level of dermabrasion, gently lifting the top layer of skin and increasing circulation. This results in better oxygenation and better lymphatic drainage. Stimulating blood flow and cleaning pores allows for any acne causing blockages to be cleared and subsequently reducing acne, as well as encouraging better breathability within your skin, reducing the likelihood of acne returning. The treatment is finished with high-performance skin specific infusions which can be tailored to your specific skin and acne type by our professional team.

Derma Pod

Derma Pod is another microdermabrasion treatment offering all of the same benefits as Dermasweep it its own unique sense. The photo bio-stimulation properties of the Derma Pod target acne prone skin to eliminate the acne causing blockages, and make permanent improvements to pores in order to reduce acne forever. Derma Pod requires no down time, and some patients have even claimed to fall asleep during this relaxing therapy!

Customised Peels

Facial peels are a sure fire way to treat just about any skin problem, with our experienced team being able to assess your skin and create a peel unique to you in order to effectively treat a number of your problem areas in one simple treatment. Our medical grade chemical peels are perfect for blackheads and treating congested skin that results in acne and breakouts. The customised peels can also have a hand in reducing the scarring left by acne, and correcting the oil output of your skin for permanent acne reduction!

If you’ve already beaten acne, you might be familiar with the marks and scars it can leave behind. We do have chemical peels available to help minimise and shift these imperfections, however we have a revolutionary treatment available at Ozmedica that many professionals claim to be one of the most effective treatments for reducing and even eliminating acne scarring! This treatment is called Medlite Aesthetic Laser Treatment. Utilising laser technology to emit incredibly short pulses of light, Medlite targets scars and discolouration to permanently remove them as your skin regenerates. Much like our other treatments, this is a virtually painless process requiring no down time – so even on a busy schedule you can give your skin the care it needs!

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