What is Pro Yellow Laser?

Pro Yellow is a new laser approach more specific to help with anti-aging, skin discolouration, melasma, deeper pigmentation and blemishes, sunspots, freckles, wrinkles, sun-damage,, rosacea, teen acne, acne scarring and more.  The Pro Yellow laser has only been around since 2014, and the results it has achieved have been spectacular in that time.

At Ozmedica, we are finding superb results with the Pro Yellow Laser that are unprecedented in all previous lasers for these conditions. The main conditions it is renowned for are those that are based on the blood vessels in the dermis and pigmentation lying in the deeper layers of the skin.

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How does the Pro Yellow Laser work?

The reason the Pro Yellow laser can target these conditions so well, is that it is able to penetrate deeper into the tissues. Not too long ago, a green laser with a wavelength of 532 nm was used to treat these types of conditions, but it didn’t quite reach deep enough into the skin to effectively reach the pigmentation and blood vessels that were contributing to these issues. Although the Green laser was able to deal with some of the symptoms, the extent of this was not as good, nor the results as long lasting.

It works so well because of the increased specificity, enabling the laser to penetrate deeper into the skin and target the areas that need help. Other more superficial tissues and cells are left untouched. This allows for less power to be used and enables the procedure to be given to a much wider variety of skin types (including darker skins that were previously unable to be treated with laser). On top of this, it is now a much more comfortable procedure, as the strength of the laser does not need to be as high, requiring much shorter healing times, with less redness after the procedure, and a reduced risk of side effects.

The  Pro Yellow laser is specifically set to 577 nanometres, which has been scientifically and clinically shown to be the frequency best suited for absorption by blood vessels and for addressing visible lesions at deeper layers of the skin. It is the colour itself at the set wavelength of 577 nanometres that enables this specificity.

What can I expect in a Pro Yellow Laser treatment?

Before you’re booked in for a Pro-Yellow Laser treatment, a qualified clinician will examine your skin carefully, to make sure you qualify and are suitable for treatment. You will be taken through what to expect, both during and after the treatment.

When you come in for a treatment the qualified clinician will cleanse your face, give you safety goggles as are given in all of our laser treatments, and you will be able to lie down in comfort in one of our well-appointed, private treatment rooms.

If you’ve had laser before, you’ll find the treatment very easy to tolerate, with the pulses of light feeling like a light flicking sensation on the skin, and some generation of heat. The Ozmedica practitioner will systematically guide the laser head over each part of the area to be treated.

After the treatment, you may immediately notice the effects of the laser on some areas of pigmentation. Your face will have some redness, but this usually diminishes over the next couple of hours. We like to finish the treatment with an application of nourishing lotion and some SPF to protect your skin from the UV of sunlight. You will be able to go back to your everyday routines immediately. Most clients find that a light application of foundation can cover any redness that is left.

You will need to continue to make sure you protect your skin from UV or sunlight, as with all laser treatments. This is to ensure the best results, as your skin becomes more sensitive to the effects of UV for some time after the treatment.

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Over the next few weeks you will notice a continued improvement in the treated area, with a much more even skin tone, reduced pigmentation, skin renewal with fewer wrinkles and a smoother appearance to your skin.

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How does the Pro Yellow Laser work?

The Pro Yellow Laser is so specific and targeted, that many clients are astonished at the long term benefits after just one Pro-yellow laser treatment. Conditions that once needed to be covered with layers of makeup are now virtually gone, and they are able to go without foundations.

After 12 weeks to one year, some clients decide to undergo the treatment again for further reduction of any remaining pigmentation. This all depends on the severity of the vascular or pigmentation prior to treatment

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