With TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening RF energy is delivered to the surface of the skin(epidermis) and down to the deeper layers (dermis) to cause collagen fibers − the key structuralcomponent of the skin − to contract, delivering immediate skin tightening results. In parallel, the heating process causes fibroblast cells – the cells responsible for collagen production – to producenew collagen. This results in restored elasticity and firmness and long-term skin tightening.

With the natural ageing process facial muscles start to lose firmness and subtly droop, which canexacerbate the appearance of wrinkles and lax skin. Our TriPollar treatments utilise Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to stimulate, tone and contour smaller facial muscles (SMAS and platysma), resulting in an overall younger, firmer facial appearance.

Firms, tones and lifts with noticeable, natural looking results

Tightens fine lines and wrinkles plus sagging or lax skin

Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) tones and contours smaller facial muscles

Ideal to firm and tighten the face, neck, décolletage, under eyes, forehead and jowls

Treatments are non-invasive, comfortable, involve no downtime and are convenient ‘walk-in, walk- out’ procedures that do not interrupt your daily routine.


DivinePRO Tripollar

Combining RF energy with Dynamic Muscle Activation, TriPollar contracts collagen fibers for immediate skin tightening and regeneration for long-term results. The DMA action stimulates and tones the muscles for a serious face lifting effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tripollar treatments are safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types. During consultation, your clinician will discuss a treatment plan tailored to your individual skin concerns.

Following a TriPollar with DMA treatment, you may experience some redness in the treated area but this will quickly subside.

Following a TriPollar with DMA treatment, you will experience immediate results with best results visible following 6 sessions.