Top Beauty Treatments For Your Skin

Skin Clinic Melbourne

Beauty treatments have changed so much in the last few years. While most of us have been sticking to moisturisers, it is officially time for us to move forward. Amongst a hundred different treatments, some stand out and guarantee you the best skin this 2021.

Ozmedica believes that every one of us deserves the best version of ourselves. Beauty treatments and skin routines are a step ahead in the direction of self-love.

Amidst a pandemic and million lockdowns, we discovered ways to enhance your beauty regime and make you look and feel youthful. Beauty treatments are a step in that direction. Before the temperature climbs and switches your wardrobe, you must also consider a switch to your skincare. After all, we must always put our best face forward!

Medlite Laser

Ozmedica offers a new technology that helps fight and treat acne and wrinkle. It helps to not only protect your skin but also care for skin problems at their root. We use laser energy that penetrates deep into the skin layers and stimulates the production of collagen. It also helps to rejuvenate the skin by producing other vital proteins that help to make your skin look and feel healthy. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes. But don’t underestimate the duration of the process. After 3-5 treatments, you will notice how your skin will rapidly change, and your wrinkles smoothen. It is an excellent treatment to face acne scars, wrinkles and stretch marks without long recovery time. Medlite is one of the most popular skin treatments. It is safe for all skin types and colours. It also helps to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair and delay the growth of hair on the face. Ozmedica, with its Medlite Laser facial treatment, aims to provide you with an experience of a lifetime: youthful skin like never before.

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

AHAs and BHAs have a glorious effect on the skin. It improves the texture of the skin and induces a mindblowing glow. But the home procedures aren’t enough. Even though

Medical Grade Chemical peels seem overwhelming at first. However, that is a much-debated stigma around the treatment. We are here to help you fight it. Chemical peels are the best anti-aging solutions that can help you rejuvenate your skin. These peels help to boost the collagen effect and correct the skin irregularities. Fine lines, sun damage, sunspots etc. are challenging to correct with home remedies.

Nevertheless, we have experts who can set these peels according to skin types. The peels can have varying strengths and can be adjusted to match the needs of your skin. Chemical peels lift pigmentation off the skin-deep layers and drastically improve skin colour as it takes off dead cells and reveals a brighter clearer texture.

Control Your Acne

With so many products to choose from, fighting acne has become a tedious task. Not all the products are made the same, and how many can we try? The only way left is to treat the acne and eliminate the root cause. All dermatologists agree that no one thing can suit everyone and therefore, how can one product suit everyone’s individual needs? There are various ways to target the bacteria that cause acne and eliminate them. You can use Acne blue light therapy that helps to control sebum production. Another method is Intense Pulsed Light which helps in facial rejuvenation treatment. The Photo facial helps to reverse the sun damage and help you age backwards by improving the skin’s fine lines. It also helps with wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, facial veins and enlarged pores. At Ozmedica, you can choose a procedure that best fits your skin type. Sometimes, stubborn acne scars need to be taken to the next level: Dermasweep gently lifts your skin’s top layer, helping better blood circulation. You can also pick Dermapod which offers deep exfoliation. It can be used on sensitive skin and work wonders on dark circles.

Micro-Needling for Collagen Production

Microneedling uses small needles to prick the skin that helps in new collagen production and smoothes skin tissues. It also firms the skin and will make your skin look more toned and even. The process is simple, yet it delivers efficiency. It provides a series of ‘controlled’ pricks beneath the skin’s surface using a sterilised needle. It triggers natural collagen production and is terrific for pores and the overall texture of your skin. You don’t need filters on your selfies post a micro-needling session, and your skin becomes flawless.

So, are you ready for flawless skin yet?