The Best Skin Treatments to Get You Ready for the Christmas Season

VoluDerm Skin Needling


As the festive season approaches we find ourselves busy thinking about everyone else. What presents to buy, what we will be doing on the day, what to bring. But it is time to think about ourselves for just a moment. Not only do you want to celebrate with friends and family, but you also want to ensure that you take care of yourself and look your best. There are many different treatments offered that can change certain aspects of your appearance, but it depends on the areas that you would like to retouch or tend to. Each of us has our own insecurities, but with the right procedure, these can be rectified. Below are some of the best skin treatments to get you looking spectacular for Christmas day.


  1. Laser Toning

Laser toning is a great way to be rid of deep pigmentation in your skin. Overall, it evens the skin tone and rids of any unwanted pigmentation in the skin. The MedLite laser emits small pulses of energy to break down the pigmentation in the skin. It is also used in procedures such as laser facials. It can help to rejuvenate the skin and one of the many benefits is that there is absolutely no downtime! It can even help to reduce adult acne. The procedure was first developed in Korea as a way to treat difficult pigmentation conditions that were otherwise untreatable. Since then it has been found to benefit the skin in so many ways and has transitioned to a diverse skincare treatment for many different problems that clients may face. It is a great choice for all skin types.


  1. Voluderm Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Needling

For skin rejuvenation, Voluderm Skin Needling is an excellent option. These are cutting-edge treatments that are also non-surgical. The results are absolutely astounding! There is minimal discomfort and downtime following this procedure. How it works is that ultra-thin electrode needles penetrate the skin and send radiofrequency through to the dermal layer. It triggers skin renewal and keeps the epidermal intact in the process.

As a result, the electrodes stimulate the natural wound healing process, which is why the skin looks so good days after. It is healing itself from the inside! All those months of skin damage leading up to summer are slowly turned on its head as hyaluronic acid, the chemical commonly found in many high-end moisturisers, new collagen and elastin act to heal the area. You will find that there is significant and visible dermal volumising, wrinkle reduction and overall skin rejuvenation.


  1. Custom Peel

There are several different kinds of peels that you can choose from, each with its own benefits. This is a procedure that in the past has gotten a bad wrap, but chemical peels now use naturally derived ingredients to target a long list of skin concerns that the vast majority of us may be experiencing. It acts to remove the top layer of damaged skin and rejuvenate, leaving the skin looking healthy and fresh. It also stimulates new cell growth and collagen production through inflammation, which is a perfectly normal side effect. For hydrated, plumper ad younger-looking skin this is the perfect solution!

If you have any kind of skin imperfections at all you can benefit from this procedure. It is beneficial for skin concerns such as acne, scarring, blackheads, sun damage, oily skin, dry skin, dull congested skin, and so much more!

Some different types of peels offered include ascorbic acid, or vitamin C peel, which is meant to lighten and brighten the skin. The lactic acid peel exfoliates and moisturises the skin. The glycolic acid peel offer skin rejuvenation, improvement of skin texture as well as treating acne. Plus there are several more. No matter your skin concerns there is a chemical peel that is right for you to have you looking your best in no time at all.


  1. SculpSure Body Contouring

Everyone hates a double chin in the family Christmas photos. One treatment that can be used to minimise that undesirable feature for good is SculpSure contouring. It takes only 25 minutes to complete and on average destroys 24% of fat cells treated during this time. It is not only for your skin area, but can be used on any area of the body! It is a non-surgical procedure for fat reduction with a 90% satisfaction rate from a plethora of happy customers. This light-based technology uses lasers to heat and destroys fat cells in any area of the body. It can be used on your thighs, stomach, hips, virtually anywhere at all. The following three months after the treatment the body’s lymphatic system processes and removes the damaged fat cells naturally. It is an ideal procedure for those persistent fatty deposits that do not seem to shift with diet and exercise alone. There is absolutely no pain and no downtime after this procedure, so you will be ready to go once you step out of the door.  It is time to get rid of that stubborn fat for good with SculpSure, a proven treatment for our problem areas.