Ozmedica Pty Ltd

Terms of Service


The terms of Ozmedica Pty Ltd providing you with its services is that:-

1. You acknowledge that you have been given information about the procedure you are seeking to undergo;

2. You acknowledge that the procedure has been explained to you and its purpose and nature;

3. You acknowledge that the risks of the procedure have been explained to you and the most serious risks have been made clear to you;

4. You acknowledge that you are aware that there may be other risks or complications not discussed with you that may occur and that unforeseen conditions may be revealed requiring the performance of additional procedures;

5. You acknowledge that no guarantees or promises have been made to you concerning the results of the procedure or any treatment that may be required as a result of this procedure.

6. You acknowledge that you understand what has been discussed with you in respect of the procedure as well as the terms and conditions in this form and that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions and have received satisfactory answers;

7. You acknowledge that, in light of all information provided to you, including the risks, you are voluntarily consenting to the performance of the procedure; and

8. The total of the Ozmedica Pty Ltd’s liability in respect of performance of the procedure on you (whether arising from negligence, contract or howsoever shall be limited to the price charged by Ozmedica Pty Ltd for the procedure and it is hereby expressly agreed by you to OzMedica Pty Ltd that Ozmedica Pty Ltd

shall not be liable in damages above the amount of such charge for any loss, delay or damage whatsoever caused in relation to the performance of the procedure.