Skincare Tips for your Rosacea

Ozmedica Rosacea treatments

The last time we discussed Rosacea, it was about its causes and treatment option; that redness on your face which can confused with having a natural blush. This flushed look is the result of blood rushing to the surface because of prolonged exposure to the heat, embarrassment and alcohol consumption.

However, if you don’t wish to get rid of your facial redness, you can take some measures to reduce it as early diagnosis and care is crucial when it comes to rosacea. The condition’s severity increases over time so Ozmedica Clinic offers expert clinician advice so that you can discuss your condition in-depth to help determine the best course of action for you.

To start off… What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin inflammatory skin disorder, spotted by enlarged capillaries on the surface of your face and neck area. Other signs of rosacea include yellow-headed pimples on the forehead, cheeks and chin. A frequent flushed and blushing appearance is often the first sign of rosacea, but as capillaries enlarge over time, this can develop into a permanent redness on your skin. Severe cases of rosacea include the nose to be reddened and enlarged as well.

What can you do to treat it at home?

When you know what triggers your skin issue, you can control it. Let us look at a few things you can do to help reduce your rosacea flares. To get into your rosacea skincare regime, here are some tips…

  1. Like any other skin concern, excess exposure to sunlight is not good for rosacea. Therefore, Invest in a good Sunscreen. Sunlight is the top cause of rosacea flare-ups. Even when the sun is not up and shining, sun protection is necessary every day of the year. Additionally, after you have undergone rosacea skin care treatment, it is still pertinent to protect your skin from the sun by applying a high spf sunscreen and avoiding the UV rays as much as possible.
  1. You are what you eat! So, in order to avoid the redness on the outside, take a note of what you put in. Avoid stressing, spicy food and alcohol. Spicy food and alcohol are triggers of rosacea. They reflect on your skin and leave a mark like permanent redness and flaring up. 
  1. There are also some skin and hair products, makeup and medicine that can cause your rosacea to flare up. Henceforth, Choose your Skin Care Products wisely. Rosacea and your skin care routine go hand in hand, as the products you choose and the way you wash your face all contribute to the redness. Choose gentle products, ones that are not too harsh and use only your clean fingertips when applying the cleanser to your face. Harsh products include washcloths, toners and astringents that can cause a stinging or burning sensation.

And Lastly, Choose a Professional Graded Treatment!

To treat rosacea properly, it is best to consult a professional. Skin Specialists can recommend the best options for your rosacea to give you optimal results.

Ozmedica Aesthetic Clinic recommend the Pro Yellow Laser to treat rosacea ideally because of its effectiveness and process. Did you know lasers are highly effective for treating issues that are difficult to treat by other means?

Book a complimentary consultation with our team to get advice from an expert clinician on your condition!

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