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What Is Skin Discolouration?

Skin discolouration is the presence of diverse tints and tones in the skin. The colours are usually variations of pinks, whites, and browns, but can vary from person to person.

Skin discolouration is most apparent in facial skin, particularly on the nose and cheeks, but can also occur on any part of the body that is exposed to significant amounts of sun. Generally, mature aged persons are more likely to have skin discolouration as they have had more years obtaining sun exposure.

However, it is possible for younger persons to experience discolouration in skin also. Ozmedica’s Victorian Clinic in the inner-city suburb of Malvern has previously worked with skin discolouration clients of all ages and races.

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What Causes Skin Discolouration?

To explain how skin discolouration occurs, is it important to understand that the most common cause of skin discolouration is a difference in melanin levels. Melanin is considered to be the substance that produces colour in skin. Melanin is also effective in protecting the skin from sun exposure.

When skin is exposed to high levels of ultraviolent rays from the sun, more melanin will be produced in an attempt to protect the skin. An overproduction of melanin in any particular area can result in skin discolouration.

Alternatively, due to genetic reasons, some children are born with skin discolouration. Additionally, research has shown cases of unexplainable skin discolouration that has developed over extensive periods of time.

The skin experts at Ozmedica Clinic have an array of experience working with clients that have varying degrees of skin discolouration. Although some can directly relate their discolouration to extreme sun exposure, others are less sure of the origin to their condition.

No matter the degree or extent of the skin discolouration, we can find a solution for you.

Treatments for Skin Discolouration

Ozmedica Clinic’s welcoming and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you receive the best treatment for your specific circumstances.

Treatment solutions can include dermasweep, laser treatment and rosacea treatment. Each treatment option will be carried out by a qualified and practiced professional to ensure a smooth process. You will be briefed by staff about the treatment process and provided with ample opportunity to have any questions answered.

All of our non-surgical, effective treatment methods are offered at Ozmedica in Malvern, Melbourne. Your first consultation, to analyse what the best treatment options will be for you, will be free.

All of our clients are consistently satisfied with their treatments and return to Ozmedica if different conditions arise in the future. Our long list of happy clients is proof of our valuable treatment methods. We would not offer any type of treatment if we weren’t entirely convinced of its effectiveness.

There are no secrets to our skin care approach – correcting and improving skin is simply a result of our world-class skin treatments.

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Long-term Benefits

Although some medical professionals deem skin discolouration to be generally not be a life-impacting condition, the truth is that it can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of persons who are affected.

For many people, their appearance and natural features distinguish who they are. So, any alteration of their physical look can interfere with their self-confidence and comfort with themselves.

Hence, engaging with safe and reliable methods to correct skin discolouration can help people return to their natural selves. It is also proven to ignite higher levels of poise and confidence.

Additionally, working with the team at Ozmedica will result in an overall general improvement on the appearance of your skin. You will leave treatments feeling revitalised and refreshed. Our clients report feeling and looking younger, and having smoother and brighter skin.