SculpSure Body Contouring – A liposuction alternative

liposuction alternative

As our lifestyles become busier and it gets harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, many people are seeking a procedure for removal of fat. Diets can be unreliable and most exercise programs can be difficult to stick to when you don’t see results.

Liposuction  surgery is one of the most well known, yet highly invasive procedures in the world. Due to liposuction’s high cost and level of intensity, many people are now seeking an alternatives to this procedure and have discovered the more modern procedure of laser liposuction – a fat reduction system that is pain-free, non-invasive and shows real results over time.

SculpSure represents an entirely new approach to non-invasive lipolysis, one that is safe and highly effective in reducing adipose tissue and does so in significantly less time than other current treatments.

SculpSure is a clinically proven and is a safe treatment designed to reduce fat, non-invasively by disrupting subcutaneous fat cells. The versatile, hands-free device features a flexible applicator system to treat multiple anatomical areas of the body.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is one of the most promising non-invasive fat loss treatments on the market at present day. This modern procedure is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness on reducing stubborn fat cells in the body while also being a pain-free and comfortable procedure. Many people are choosing to have this fat cavitation procedure undertaken instead of the common surgical procedure of liposuction.

Why? SculpSure is the worlds first light-based, non-invasive lipolysis device used to treat stubborn fat. The best part is that the machine used can be customised into a variety of configurations depending on your needs. For example if you have stubborn fat on your lower stomach and hips, the machine can target those exact areas, so you’re maximise your time and money spent on the areas that need the most work. Overall this procedure has been seen to reduce up to 24% of the stubborn fat targeted which is extremely high for a non-surgical procedure.

How does it work?

SculpSure, which uses a 1060 nm laser, can treat an anatomical area in approximately 25 minutes. Patients are able to achieve desired results without surgery or downtime.

SculpSure works by elevating sub-dermal temperatures between 42-47 degrees celcius. The machine used in the SculpSure procedure essentially ‘loosens’ fat cells. Over time, fat cells are eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. One of the reasons people are loving this procedure over others is because it is 100% pain-free, the procedure is over within 25 minutes and results are visible quickly. Real results can be seen within as little as 6 weeks and substantial outcomes within 12 weeks. No more waiting months on end for your diet to show results. Pair this procedure with a healthy diet and exercise to maximise your results and waste less of your precious time and energy that traditional weight loss methods can take away from us.

How do I know if SculpSure is suitable for me?

SculpSure is a treatment suitable for stubborn fat which many of us experience in our stomachs, hips and upper thighs. Essentially, SculpSure is suitable for anyone as it works equally on all skin types and body types and can be carried out at any age. If you have been working relentlessly with a healthy diet and exercise regime and still don’t see results in stubborn areas, SculpSure is the next best step as it loosens the fat cells, making it easier for the body to naturally extract via the lymphatic system.

To see if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment we would recommend a free consultation with one of our skin experts at Ozmedica.

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