Say Yes to the Dress and Goodbye to the Ink

It is that season.

Whether you are sifting through the invites on your fridge, glancing down at your engagement ring or anticipating the question being asked in this loved filled month of February. There is no doubt if a wedding is in your future, you are in the season of constantly being reminded. Excitement, anticipation, the flowers, the venue, the wedding dress, the photos…the wedding dress…the photos! That is when you are reminded of that little, or maybe it’s a big, regret on your back. It is not that you have anything against tattoos, especially in a wedding dress, it is just that tattoo. It is not something you want glaring at you on your wedding photos, photos that your future children and grandchildren might have up on their walls. At the time, there were no regrets but as the possibility of the wedding day looms, having the attention of your hair, makeup and a beautiful dress being taken away by a tattoo you are not so fond of anymore is not the kind of stress you want.

Now is the time.

It is time to think about starting the process of tattoo removal. While there are some beautiful inked up brides out there, that art on your back, arm or elsewhere may not have stood the test of time. Even if you do not have a ring on your finger quite yet or your wedding is some time away, giving yourself time between treatments ensures better results. Depending on the size, the quality of the ink used, your complexion and skin type, the depth of the ink and ultimately, just how the well the tattoo was done will determine just how many sessions you will need to have it completely removed. Better results are achieved as well, and the less chance of scarring, the longer you leave between sessions so getting the process underway as soon as possible will ensure that when it does come to your wedding day your skin will be as clear as possible.

What treatment should you consider?

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, always consult the services of a highly trained professional. Tattoo removal is a delicate and difficult process, so if not done correctly can lead to a range of complications. Choosing a clinic that uses the Medlite C6 laser for treatment is always the way to go, especially in the hand of highly trained professionals like us at Ozmedica- experts in tattoo removal in Melbourne. The Medlite C6 is a precise and gentle laser, that breaks up the tiny ink particles, leaving them to be absorbed by the body. The use of a Medlite C6 in tattoo removal has been shown to completely fade 95% of tattoos with the very minimal chance of scarring and with the technology it employs of four different wavelengths means that no matter what type of tattoo you are getting removed, there will be fewer treatments needed compared to other tattoo lasers. It can even remove multicoloured tattoos.

We will be honest.

Yes, some risks do come with tattoo removal and it is not guaranteed that scarring will not occur, but when hiring trained professionals with the most advanced technology, that risk is significantly lowered. It will also take time, which is why it is best to get started as soon as possible. Everybody is different, which means every skin is different so make a consultation today and break up with a decision you made earlier in life before you make another one, so you can be the bride you desire to be on your wedding day.

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