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What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin inflammation condition that is red in appearance and typically affects the face and neck area. The visibly obvious side effects include surface pustules (that are not sore to touch), enlarged capillaries and a persistent discolouring. Unlike acne the symptoms do not tend to appear until later in life and can become more prominent with age, plus the bumps do not result in any permanent scarring.

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Clinical Treatment options
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What causes rosacea?

Fascinatingly the cause of chronic rosacea is unknown and there is subsequently no known absolute cure. It is often recommended for patients to work with a skin specialist to systematically identify triggers which could include spicy food, sunlight, anxiety, hot sleep or alcohol consumption.

Interestingly, rosacea tends to most-commonly affect those of European descent with fair skin and blue eyes. It is scientifically proven to be passed on genetically and is also more prevalent in females than males.

Treatments and rosacea

Dependent on the severity of the patient’s condition, containment and relief from the symptoms is often the main aim of non-surgical rosacea treatments. Antibiotics have had varying success and many relapse after several months. Although some creams and gels can soothe the redness, they quickly become insufficient.

The first step to treating rosacea, following an in-depth consultation, is a trusted and regular (low-alkaline) cleansing and moisturising routine. Rough handling and abrahsive surfaces should be avoided as well as cosmetics and chemicals such as topical alcohol as an ingredient.

At Ozmedica Clinic we have had clients see successful results via laser therapy, which can assist in treating the enlarged capillaries. Microdermabrasion is also an option for more serious cases.

Our aim is to have you happy inside your best natural and beautiful skin. With this in mind, our experienced consultants are pleased to work with you and your doctor to identify the best course of treatment for you.

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Clinical Treatment options

Long-term Benefits

The most successful rosacea management outcomes have involved a smoothing of the skin surface and a decrease in redness via the above Ozmedica Clinic treatments. Patients are often down-spirited about their rosacea, so improvements and reductions in the levels of visible redness and inflammation are what satisfy our visitors most of all.

With a decreased amount of self-conscious anxiety, improved levels of confidence and well-being are the true benefit.

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