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What are Open Pores?

When you look closely in the mirror, especially at the skin around your nose and cheek, you can usually see small pores which are also known as hair follicles. These small holes in your skin are each the external opening of a hair shaft. A little deeper inside each hair shaft there is also a sebaceous gland that produces sebum.

You may not be able to see hairs growing from these visible pores. This is because the hairs may be so fine they’re barely visible, or the follicle is in a state of dormancy. Every part of our skin, except the palms of the hands and the soles of our feet have these pores.

The hair follicles are different to the sweat pores, which are very tiny and not visible to the naked eye. While the larger hair follicles produce sebum which is the natural oil of the skin, the tiny sweat glands produce and release sweat, which is water-based.

When people complain about “open pores” they’re referring to hair follicles that appear larger than they would prefer. Ideally all pores or hair follicles should be “open” as this allows them to release sebum through the pore. If your pores seem enlarged, there could be a number of reasons for this.

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Clinical Treatment options
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Teenagers often notice larger pores at the onset of adolescence which is caused by an increase of androgen hormones at that time. Women can experience enlarged pores related to hormonal fluctuations around pregnancies, menstruation, birth control pills and menopause.

Aging of the skin can also produce enlarged pores, and the combined effects of sun damage, loss of collagen and elasticity with the ability of the skin to retain moisture contribute to this.

Some people naturally have larger pores, and this is both a racial and hereditary trait. The size of each pore depends on several factors including the part of the body, the size and activity of the sebaceous glands and the width of the hair that growth from it.

There are also big differences in the quantity of pores we each have distributed on our skin surface. Did you know that Asian people have far fewer than Brazilians?

The size and relative activity of each sebaceous gland is governed by the androgen hormones. These hormones fluctuate at different stages of our lives, and sometimes with factors such as illness, stress and diet.

Treatments for Open Pores

Our approach to treating Open Pores will depend on your age and the factors related to it. At Ozmedica, we first work to understand the cause. We offer free consultations for new clients so you can get an overview of the best approach to take for your skin.

Some of our treatments for enlarged pores address other related conditions – such as acne, excessively oily skin, sun damage and aging.

Most often an exfoliation treatment will be suggested, that can be chosen to suit your skin type. Dermasweep is one of our best and favourite exfoliation treatments, suitable to many situations and performed by a trained clinician. Not only does it effectively exfoliate, but also provides nourishment that penetrates deeply, giving long-lasting support that takes effect over the coming weeks. We also offer microdermabrasion and a variety of effective chemical peels.

Various laser and light therapies have come a long way in recent years, and have been shown to stimulate collagen growth and healing at a deeper level. Laser and Light Therapies help to revitalise the elasticity and strength of the tissue around the hair follicles, making the pores on your face appear smaller.

Technology has enabled us to more specifically target the areas needing help by utilising different wavelengths of light. For example if you have acne, we often recommend blue LED, whereas for aging red LED is more effective. We’re proud to have the latest equipment at Ozmedica.

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Clinical Treatment options

Long-term Benefits

If you’re concerned about enlarged pores, there are most likely other issues with your skin involved. By dealing with the causes, you’ll be improving the texture, colour, function and health of your skin.

At Ozmedica, we take a broad approach to your skin care, providing a number of packages designed for different needs. You’ll achieve more luminous, soft and radiant skin, and most importantly, more confidence in your appearance.

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