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What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin issue that results in brown/grey spots or patches appearing on the face or body. Essentially, it is a pigmentation disorder that generally affects women with darker complexions. It has also been noticed to occur with pregnant women. In these cases, it is referred to as chloasma.

Melasma is most likely to occur on the face, either on the forehead, cheeks, nose or chin. However, there have also been a number of cases where the dark patches have appeared on legs, arms or chest. Typically, this skin condition occurs on areas of the body that are exposed to large amounts of sun.

Even though it is highly more likely to occur in women with darker skin colour, there have been some instances where it has been seen on lighter skin tones. Generally, however, it is evident on women with darker complexions.

The symptoms of melasma are not to be confused with that of hyperpigmentation, which is more so in relation to breakouts of freckles that expand across the skin.

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As noted above, melasma (or chloasma) is common amongst pregnant women. It is understood, in these cases, that melasma is a result of increased levels of progesterone in the body.

According to much research, melasma can also be the result of birth control pillsthyroid diseases and hormone therapy. Basically, any dramatic changes in hormonal balance have the potential to trigger a case of melasma. More research is still being conducted into the specific breakdown of how melasma appears on skin.

However, the most noted cause of melasma is sun exposure. In these circumstances, the ultraviolet rays affect the cells that control pigment and result in the dark brown or grey patches.

Irrespective of how your melasma was initiated, the approachable team at Ozmedica Clinic can provide a constructive treatment plan to suit you. For Melbourne locals, our Malvern location is the go-to clinic for all types of skin complications.

There are a variety of treatments that are suggested to combat melasma. Depending on where you seek your treatment, you will be offered a diverse range of options. This could include lotions, creams and medications.

The treatment provided at Ozmedica Clinic is notorious for having genuine, long-lasting impacts to melasma. Depending on the extent of your condition, we may offer dermasweep or rosacea treatment as an answer to your melasma.

We have successfully treated hundreds of clients who suffer from melasma, and they have found our treatments to be non-intrusive, dependable and uncomplicated.

All our treatment methods are nonsurgical and conducted in a safe environment with world-class standards. Only qualified professionals will carry out the processes and advanced treatment options. Our focus is on total skin rejuvenation in a caring and good-natured setting.

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Long-term Benefits

Melasma can alter the appearance of one’s face, which is the most predominant feature on a person’s body. Those who experience melasma generally suffer from low self-confidence and despondency over the unprecedented changes to their body. Many people who have melasma discover that people around them do not understand the condition and this results in altered social circles.

By treating melasma, you are likely to regain your confidence and return to the original nature state of your face and body. At Ozmedica Clinic, we are wholeheartedly focussed on bringing your skin back to its original, beautiful condition.

Our treatments are renowned for creating a long-term difference to skin conditions, and enhancing the physical features that make up you.  Clients at Ozmedica Clinic in Melbourne are significantly less likely to encounter issues with melasma after their treatment, and always see an improvement to their specific difficulties.  Also, our clients report seeing a general improvement in the glow and smoothness of their skin.

It’s our committed and tailored approach which enables a guaranteed successful outcome for you.