Laser Facials: Skin Care for It-Girls

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Marie Claire mag has called them “acne annihilators” and we think that’s a pretty accurate description of their results.

You might be aware how popular it is becoming for celebrities all over the world to rave about how they have been to high-end laser facial treatments, to rid themselves of acne and acne scars and get their flawless, red-carpet-ready, glowing skin that is- let’s face it- part of their job description. Aw, poor little beautiful girls. ?

But for the rest of us mere mortals, suffering from acne scars or unwanted tattoos causes just as much heartache as it does for the KarJenners (Ray J Nick Reggie Kris Kanye. (Only teasing, Kimmy, we love you.)

So, it’s good news that now, you too can access the very latest procedures in chemical peels, dermabrasion and other laser facial treatments favoured by the it-crowd, right here in our boutique Melbourne laser clinics—and it’s surprisingly affordable even for those of us without a million followers.

Whether you suffer from acne scars and are seeking acne scar removal, or if you are looking for safe tattoo removal, read on for all about how laser treatments work to banish acne scars and tattoos from your life forever.

What skin conditions is laser facial treatment most suitable for?

There’s a reason why these Millennial facial treatments have achieved their fame. They work. It’s been scientifically proven. And thanks to Instagram,  we can all see that they work.

At our laser clinics, laser treatments are used to treat acne scars and for complete acne scar removal. The treatments are effective on any other type of scar removal as well, and of course, for successful tattoo removal. But we also have many clients without acne or tattoos who have simply incorporated laser facial treatments into their skin care regimen because of the wonderfully youthful and glowing skin it delivers.

That’s because the Medlite laser facial treatment has a host of general benefits to offer even healthy, unscarred skin. Aside from preventing blemishes, it assists with evening out uneven skin tone and eliminating fine lines. However, because it corrects textural irregularities, the Medlite laser facial treatment is especially helpful for those suffering acne scars or other scars. Some patients see instant results, others experience a gradual, natural-looking smoothing of the skin surface over the coming weeks.

How does laser facial treatment work?

As an acne scar treatment, laser facial treatments work through resurfacing the top layer of the skin by removing dead skin cells, stimulating new growth and inhibiting the growth of . At our laser clinics we use the Medlite C6 laser for our laser skin surfacing treatments. It’s a method that reduces facial wrinkles as well as banishes skin irregularities such as blemish scars and acne scars. The technique directs short concentrating pulsating beams of light to the skin at a low and virtually painless setting. Some people even like the tingle! If you can handling waxing your legs, you can handle laser facial treatments!

For more information on all our laser facial services, including acne removal, acne scar treatment, tattoo removal and simple facial rejuvenation, please click here.

If you are seeking acne scar treatment or removal, scar removal or tattoo removal in a safe, classy, empowering environment, our laser clinics in Melbourne offer only the highest quality in scientifically-proven skin and aesthetics treatments. For a free consultation with one of our clinicians about our laser facial services, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or vitamin infusions, please call OzMedica Skin and Aesthetics Clinic in Melbourne  9509 0821.

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