Is Fat Loss Without Exercise and Dieting Possible?


No matter the extent, everyone struggles with their weight at some point in their lifetime. It could be our overall body image, or perhaps certain areas that we think could be improved. Whatever your concern, we are told that diet and exercise are the only options to correct these issues we may face. Well, that is just not the case! Although diet and exercise play a very important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, inside and out, when it comes to fat reduction several procedures have been made available to us to target certain areas of concern. One of the main successful procedures is SculpSure, which is endorsed by many celebrities throughout the world. This is a relatively new procedure, but it has shown amazing results for many satisfied patients and is readily available at our clinic.

Fat loss

One of the main points that make ScuplSure the preferred procedure for fat reduction is that it is completely non-invasive. It involves a controlled cooling administered by a tool used at the clinic to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. At this point, it is the only non-invasive fat reduction procedure, which means that there is no downtime following a SculpSure session and you can get back to your daily life instantly. It is often where many of our patients turn when diet and exercise are just not moving those pesky fat stores in certain areas of the body. As much as a healthy lifestyle benefits our health and well-being in the long run, it can only do so much to remove stubborn fat. With SculpSure you can watch the fat melt away over some time and finally get that body you have always dreamed of!


To go into more depth about how the procedure works, it is a light-based technology. This means that with use of a specialised laser targets fatty tissue and heats it to speed up the processing of the stubborn fat pockets. Once it is heated it can be more easily processed by the body’s lymphatic system and simply melts away, so to speak. One session will take just 25 minutes and you can return to your daily routine immediately. That is just 25 minutes out of your day to finally bust that stubborn fat! Patients generally see the results they are looking for within 4 sessions of SculpSure, within three months of the first treatment. This gives the body the time it needs to begin processing the damaged fat cells through the lymphatic system. Once the laser damages the cells they are more manageable to remove naturally by the body’s processes that are already in place. This is how SculpSure can remove these fat pockets without any invasive surgery or procedures. Working from the outside in, it can boost the processing of fat cells and have that stubborn fat busted in as little as three months!


There are some main problem areas that patients tend to focus on using this procedure. They have commonly reported areas that people tend to have problems with or find fat hard to burn in particular spots. These locations include the chin, thighs, abdomen, back and flanks. There is no pain associated with the procedure. This means that you can lay back and relax while our skincare professionals take care of the rest. You will feel a cooling sensation at the beginning of the session which will be maintained throughout. As the laser treatment becomes more intense you may start to feel a tingling sensation over the areas of concern and a deep warmth due to the laser heating damaging the fat cells below. Once the cells are damaged the body recognises this from within and can begin to process them naturally away from the area. This is how SculpSure works to remove unwanted fat deposits in the areas of concern.


The price for SculpSure sessions is relatively affordable. They begin from $250 per session and it takes around 4 sessions in three months to notice the results. So, with a minimum of $1000, you can see the fat finally budging from those pesky areas of the stubborn bulge. This will help to increase confidence and self-esteem and can we put a price on that? When you have tried everything it can seem hopeless, but we are here to tell you that it is not hopeless any longer. SculpSure is designed for those who have tried everything and still have areas of their body that they could be happier with. It is made to tackle the parts that we feel self-conscious about and wants to change but do not have the means to do so.


The only difference between procedures is that when you are choosing chin SculpSure a different device is used especially for this delicate area. Chin fat, or a double chin, can result from many different reasons including ageing. A double chin can instantly make people look deceptively heavier than they are. This is why it is a problem area for many of us, and there is no effective exercise that we can undertake to concentrate on the chin! The chin version of SculpSure has become very popular in recent years and gives patients back their confidence.