How to Maintain Your Post-Facial Glow at Home

Most of us love to spend a day at the salon. Getting our hair, nails and skin looking on point is so important in our fast-paced world, but who has the time or money for regular treatments? As much as we would love to take time out weekly for a little me-time, it is often not practical. But you can keep those fresh facial results lasting longer with a few simple tips to get your glow to last the test of time from the comfort of your own home! Below is a list of the top ways in which you too can maintain that professional facial for longer.


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  1. Avoid excess exfoliation


Exfoliation is important in a good skincare routine, but it is just as important to note why excess exfoliation can have adverse effects. While it is great for removing dead skin cells, too much of a good thing does still exist. It can result in excess sebum production, leaving your skin oily. It can also cause skin dehydration and enlarged pores. Since a professional facial provides deep exfoliation there is no need to exfoliate afterwards. Only exfoliate twice a week and avoid exfoliating the night of, or the day after your facial. This will ensure that you do not fall victim to the adverse effects of excess exfoliation.


  1. Hydration


Hydration is so important to maintain that glow! No matter your skin type, this step should not be missed! Hydrating facial oils are a great product for those of us with dry to normal skin, but for people who exhibit oily skin a product with hyaluronic acid is a perfect substitute. These products are also great for any skin type, as the hyaluronic acid helps to bind water to the surface of the skin and maintain that moisture barrier. In cold and dry weather, it is recommended to use an oil or cream on top of that to ensure that optimal hydration is being given to your skin.


  1. Protect your skin


            It is of course important to always protect your skin from UV damage. This can dry out your skin and also expose you to the potential risk of skin cancer. That is why having a skin moisturiser with added sunscreen can help to tackle two issues at once and help to preserve that post-facial glow. As mentioned above, hydration is so important after your facial, so a moisturiser can be used to maintain this perfect complexion. Having an added sunscreen can also prevent hyper-pigmentation and prevent the signs of ageing too.


  1. Beware of at-home treatments


Although similar results can be obtained at home when it comes to a small portion of a professional facial, there are some which should not be attempted. A facial massage roller is a great tool that provides sculpting and releases muscle tension without penetrating the skin. They do not damage the skin barrier in any way and as such are excellent at-home practices, and may even already be included in your skincare routine. However, micro-needling should always be left to the professionals. There is no safe way to provide such procedures at home. Any penetrative treatments should only be administered by those who have been trained to do so in a safe and sterile environment. Doing these yourself can have detrimental effects on your skin which can be irreversible. Also, be wary of products that claim to give the results seen by processes such as micro-needling. There is no substitute for these practices and the results will never measure up. It is best to save your dollars and take your skincare concerns to those who are trained to provide these services.


  1. Know your routine


After your facial, it is important to stick to your routine. This may be obvious for some of us, and if you already have a skincare routine then it should require a little adjustment to get great results at home. For the rest of us, this is the time to make a skincare routine and stick to it! Dermal layering is key to keeping that post-facial glow for as long as possible. It all starts with cleansing. Find a gentle cleanser that works for you and begin by ridding your face of all the dirt and make-up used throughout the day. This will open up your skin to receiving all the moisture from the hydrating products that you will use. Following the cleanser, you should tone and then use a smart serum to match your skin goals. Then is the moisturising step, starting with your hyaluronic acid product and then a cream or facial oil. You can take the chance to massage with facial rollers here. Opening up the skin to allow the active ingredients to penetrate as deep as possible is key to getting the best results.

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