How to lose Body Fat – No workout, no dieting required

Weight loss is a process and it isn’t great. People struggle to see even a fraction of results from all the work they put in. From gyms to diet plans, everyone is caught up in the traditional ways of losing weight. It takes time, but who says it always has to?








With Summer just around the corner in Australia, it’s hard not to be thinking about your Beach Body. Get into your desired shape for Summer with a trending Fat Reduction method which has absolutely no downtime! Sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s the Latest Non-Invasive Fat Reduction treatment called SCULPSURE BODY CONTOURING. The SculpSure method sculpts your body by 100% fat cell removal through the lymphatic system, with zero recovery time. You can attain a natural-looking, slimmer silhouette which requires no workout or dieting. This is amazing especially when you have pockets of stubborn fat that do not go away with exercising or starving yourself to death.

How long do the results last?

 You would be surprised how time efficient it is as well. One session for one area (like your lower abdomen or thigh for example) takes only 25 Minutes of body contouring. The results are amazing and everlasting with over 20 years in development. Best of all, with one area covered, it treats multiple areas around it simultaneously as well.

*Please note that the body still IS capable to produce new fat cells which totally depends on your body maintenance. No treatment can permanently reduce fat, it’s a matter of preservation of the shape too.

Is it painful?

cold fat removal

The process is not painful at all. One can lie back and relax throughout the session. There is a cooling sensation throughout when the laser cycles destroy the fat cells by raising their temperature. There may be a deep warmth felt which creates a tingling sensation but that is it. You can resume to your day afterwards because there is no downtime. This is an ideal weight loss procedure which involves no surgery, and OzMedica Aesthetic specialises in non-surgical beauty treatments.

The latest proven and approved technology reduces up to 24% of fat volume but with more sessions, the results are greater. OzMedica Aesthetic Skin & Beauty clinic is keen on delivering results and has an offer running to give you your desired Summer body! Melt stubborn fat cells and sculpt your body without surgery or downtime.

When will I be able to see the results?

 Below are the results of over 12 weeks and only 2 treatment sessions. The applicators are placed over your desired area(s) to transmit light-based energy which targets fat cells. Within coming weeks of the treatment, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells through urine.

Imagine the results if you doubled that? DEAL: Buy 3 applicators (sessions) and GET 1 FREE.

With each applicator originally valued at $250, this deal is a great save. We have over 90% patient satisfaction with SculpSure and it’s always the best choice. So, if YOU are keen on seeing results or just consulting about it, OzMedica offers Free initial Consultation as well!

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