How To Improve Your Skin Confidence?

Skincare is more than just your glowing skin. When the skin is shiny and dewy, it is also a sign of a healthy body and mind; however, when the skin looks dull and the complexion gets dark, it is an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle. Clear, glowing skin helps to improve one’s self-esteem. Don’t we all want to wake up with a fresh face, and last a day without our skin pores getting clogged?

Moreover, acne-prone skin or dull skin can run havoc on one’s self-confidence. We feel more confident in ourselves when our skin is looking healthy as well. As our skin texture deteriorates and fine lines start to appear, our self-confidence starts to fluctuate. We all feel better about ourselves when our skin is shining- the dullest of our clothes also looks better when our skin is nourished and lively. But if we have clogged pores, acne, rosacea, our self-esteem takes a downward spin. At Ozmedica, we recommend our clients to follow simple steps to introduce a healthier lifestyle to ensure that their skin reciprocates the same. Just like how the body feels after a good workout, the same applies to our skin after good care.

Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

You can take few simples steps to achieve healthy and clear skin:

  1. Food for glowing skin :

Our food choices define how our body looks and behaves, especially our skin. We must indulge in colourful foods like the nutritionists suggest including rainbow meals. We must stay away from food items that are high in trans and saturated fats. It is also recommended to eliminate dairy products from food. Yellow fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots are good for the skin. Avoid oily food, sugar and alcohol.

  1. Skin treatments :

We have an array of skin treatments for all skin types. You could also book an appointment with our dermatologist to discuss the best treatment for your skin type. If you prefer at-home treatments, our beauticians will recommend you the best topical exfoliants and nourishing skin cleansers that will show you good results in a span of no time. Research has shown that knowing our skin types and learning about what suits us or not helps to maintain a good ph for the skin. We have

  1. Collagen boost :

As you age, your skin loses elasticity and collagen production slows down. You can eliminate skin imperfections and treat fine lines by ensuring that either your diet is rich in collagen-boosting vitamins and minerals or you choose non-invasive treatments to boost your skin’s collagen production. Treatments and creams help to boost new skin cell production resulting in clearer and shiny skin. Dermatologist

  1. Healthy body, healthy mind & healthy skin

When you are feeling good from the inside, your outside reflects the same, especially your skin. We have always noted that our clients felt more confident about themselves after a skincare session than they did when you come in for an appointment. Our physicians also recommend that you must indulge in physical activities that allow your body to exert and develop. Skincare regime is as much about what you put inside your body as you put outside. Topical treatments will not absorb well until your body is well fed and nourished and working out is an integral part of this process. You can also meditate; we also recommended undergoing our total skin rejuvenation program, but you can discuss with the dermatologist first.

  1. Embrace your skin

There is nothing to be ashamed of – neither acne marks nor dull skin. Everything has a solution, and anyway how we feel about ourselves also plays an important role in how confident we feel about ourselves. Loving your skin and yourself is step number one in ensuring that we are ready to fix the problems and work on the imperfections. You have to be consistent in your journey towards perfect skin. Once your daily routine is set, slowly and steadily your skin will improve and you will see differences that will boost your self-esteem and your confidence. But you must stay persistent. The best way to deal with insecurities is by ensuring that you fully understand your skin type and the best medication suited to fix the imperfections.

We also recommend that you simplify your skin regime – add fewer and fewer products but choose the one that suits your skin type and works on correcting the problems.

  1. Retinoids and antioxidants

Your skin will thank you for adding Vitamin A and E to your skincare routine. We cannot emphasise enough – use good retinol and antioxidants in your regime because that will help with free radicals.

A healthy glow and a clear sign are signs of mindful living, which is a result of a thoughtful process that you need to religiously follow.

Book an appointment with our dermatologist to learn about your skin and what it needs!

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