How To Get rid of Stubborn Fat Completely?

stubborn fat removal


We are with you on body positivity, and the conversations around the recent wave have allowed every one of us to access our relationship with our bodies. Fat is an overly complicated word and is often misunderstood. But what has remained relatively the same is our battle with it – either to embrace or fight it. Plastic surgeries, various diets, programmes have made their ways into our lives through free access on the internet.

However, we know that stubborn fat can be challenging to get rid of. Nevertheless, thanks to advancements made in sciences, it has now allowed us to be free of the extra fat to achieve a healthier lifestyle. And if you are looking for a non-invasive technique with best results – SculpSure Body Contouring is your answer. It gives you the freedom to be yourself again and helps you achieve a fitter body. We are not kidding when we say that SculpSure is equivalent to a fat erasing magic wand.


As the name goes, SculpSure allows you to sculpt yourself. It is a laser-based treatment that is non-invasive and targets the stubborn fat molecules and breaks them within the skin surface. It either eliminates the fat from the concerned regions on your body or reduces it from the ground zero. It is well suited for both men and women and works on all types of bodies. The treatment roughly takes 20 to 25 minutes per seating, and you can target multiple areas in one sitting. Fat reduction does not require going under the knife. SculpSure gives you a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to help fit persistent fat. The treatment doesn’t need for you to take anesthesia, meaning there is no discomfort and is extremely quick with little to no recovery time. Moreover, you will see the results in a very short duration – less than two-three months depending on the body type.

Unlike other treatments, SculpSure heats the fat cells to kill them. A laser is used on the area, and it targets the fat cells which are heated to the point of irreversible damage. Once killed in the procedure, the fat cells are automatically removed from the body via the lymphatic system. Isn’t that amazing? At Ozmedica, we also instruct our clients to exercise regularly and maintain their diets. While SculpSure is certified to give your body the necessary shape, we need to keep our lifestyle by incorporating healthy habits because that fastens the metabolism.

You can even use the treatment around your face. The process is suited for submental use. It is used to target our double chins and help tone our untoned necks or jawlines. However, it cannot be used on our cheeks. The fat on the cheeks are much deeper, and SculpSure is not best suited for it.

Why SculpSure?

It involves a hands-free treatment via a laser belt that uses specific wavelengths and helps to eliminate fat cells. An FDA approved procedure can help with love handles, back, thighs, and chins. Women and men best suited for this treatment have a body index of 30 less. The therapy alone is not intended to help in weight loss but help you chisel your body back in shape. The cost of treatment varies from body to body. Depending on the area you are targeting, it takes more than one sitting. We advise you to visit our clinician to understand better your fat cells and how to eliminate them faster.

SculpSure definitely works because it helps to eliminate the fat cells. When we exercise out fat cells shrink but aren’t destroyed – same is the case with dieting. However, the SculpSure procedure helps eradicate the stubborn fat cells, thereby making it a most sought after procedure to help tone your body. Your body will start showing results in less than a span of 6 weeks. You must take at least 2-3 sittings to see the best results. We advise that you don’t eat unhealthy food items post the procedure to ellipse the slimming effects. To maintain good results, you must also aim for a healthier lifestyle!

Because SculpSure isn’t an invasive procedure, you will not need downtime and easily resume daily activities. It is noted that some clients feel tenderness, but that goes away within 5-6 hours of the treatment. You don’t even have to worry about scarring or any other marks on your skin. The only thing we recommend after the treatment is that you massage the area for at least 6-7 minutes as this will help drain the lymphatic tissues, assisting in the elimination of fat cells.

Say goodbye to adamant fat and hello to a healthier body!

 Disclaimed: Please note that results may vary across individuals. It’s best to book a free consultation with one of our clinicians to see if SculpSure is a right fit for you.