How to get rid of Stubborn Belly Fat for Females

fat reduction stomach

We all have at some point felt as if we have pockets of fat on our bodies that just will not seem to budge. This is a common problem for women, especially in a world where we are constantly faced with perfect photoshopped images in magazines and social media. The fact of the matter is some areas of the body that are harder to target with simple diet and exercise changes. Lifestyle changes can only help so much, but luckily there are other ways to reduce belly fat and pockets of fat in other hard-to-move places! Your local skincare clinic, such as OzMedica, can give you options to reduce belly fat through regular treatments to boost your confidence and self-esteem quickly and easily.


SculpSure is a scientifically proven fat-reducing treatment that can target any hard-to-budge areas on the body, from your belly to your chin. It has proven to be highly effective in fat removal and is widely used throughout Australia by many clinics. It is a quick and easy process that can melt away stubborn fat in a short period and leave you looking, and feeling, your best. This procedure has 90% patient satisfaction, so you can rest assured that it is reliable and safe for everyone.


1. No Pain, No Downtime

During the SculpSure session, you are invited to lie back and relax, with no pain experienced during your session. The SculpSure treatment gives a cooling sensation that will last the whole session, with absolutely no discomfort. Some people feel a tingling sensation intermittently throughout the procedure. Due to the lasers which are used to damage and ultimately filter out the fat cells targeted naturally, you may experience a deep warmth which is also no cause for concern.


2. Fat Reduction for the Time Poor

The procedure can be completed in a very short period, usually within a 25-minute session. This means that it is easy to fit into your busy lifestyle. As it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no recovery time and so you can go back to your everyday life immediately, knowing that your body is working to remove that stubborn fat and leave you slimmer and satisfied. It is a light-based treatment, so it is completed on the surface of the skin.


3. Laser-Based Fat Targeting Treatment

But how is it so effective? During your treatment, the laser implemented for SculpSure is applied to the surface of the skin. It actively heats and destroys the fat cells below the surface so that they can be addressed by the natural body systems. In this case, the lymphatic system then acts to filter out any damaged cells. As the fat cells in this area have been destroyed they are slowly removed naturally and without any ill effects within your body.


4. Utilises the Lymphatic System

Removing cellular waste is one of the four main jobs of the lymphatic system, and it is the process that is employed through SculpSure. With a healthy lymphatic system, it has been found that most clients tend to see the best results 12 weeks after their session of SculpSure. Results may begin to be visible after as little as 6 weeks, but in 12 weeks the optimal results should be apparent.

The best candidates for the SculpSure procedure are those who have had no success moving unwanted fat pockets, especially on the belly, with exercise and diet alone. It can be applied to almost any area of the body and common places include the belly, thighs, chin, flanks and upper arms.


belly fat redution 5. How Long Until You See Results?

We find that most people who use the SculpSure procedure will need additional treatments after 12 weeks. This way you can see how much fat has disappeared as a result of SculpSure and whether you will need to continue to concentrate on this area or if you would like to try a different area to reshape your body. Results for SculpSure have been proven successful, with an average of 24% of treated fat cells removed through the treatment. You can not expect all the fat in the area to be removed after one procedure, but attending multiple times will help to get you the body you have always dreamed of. This is especially pertinent coming up to bikini season! Get beach ready with SculpSure so that you can flaunt your best self this Summer. It only takes one lunch break and the results are definitely worth the time and money.

So, if you feel like you have tried everything and have not been able to shift the last remnants of excess fat then SculpSure is the treatment for you! Your friendly, local skincare clinic is likely to have the procedure available and you can attend at any time for a consultation with their professional staff. You can get a full rundown of what you can expect as well as get the answers to any questions that you may have about the procedure and aftercare. The team will help to demonstrate the process and what to expect when you attend your first session. You can then see the applicators and get a better understanding of the entire treatment.

SculpSure has been medically approved and yields excellent results. As a whole, it is one of the best and most effective non-invasive fat removal treatments available today. Even if you are deciding on your first-ever treatment, it is a great place to start or continue your weight loss journey. Rather than invasive, surgical options such as liposuction, SculpSure stimulates a natural process in the body so you do not feel unwell or need any real aftercare. It is time to take a step in the right direction and be your best self. Everyone needs a little help now and then to look and feel better, and SculpSure has helped thousands of women to boost their confidence and no longer be a slave to their insecurities. It could change your life, one 25-minute session at a time.