How to Even Out Your Skin Texture

How to Even Out Your Skin Texture

Uneven skin tone can be a real pain to manage. It is not rare that people have combination skin, but when it comes to having an uneven skin tone, it can be very frustrating. Not only can it impact your self-esteem, but it can also cause issues when applying makeup. First thing is first, get the all-clear from the doctor to rule out that it is a symptom of other health issues, and now let’s get even.

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What is Uneven Skin Texture?

To understand how to treat something, it is always a good idea to have an understanding of exactly what it is. Uneven skin texture is caused by dead skin cells start to build upon the skin’s surface, particularly on the face. This excess of dead skin cells causes the skin to look rough and uneven. If your doctor has ruled out any other underlying issues, then speaking with a dermatologist is paramount to ensuring that you are treating it accordingly and that it can be prevented in the future.

How is it Caused?

Now we know what it is, how exactly is it caused? It is a symptom that our skin is lacking something. Our skin has a great system of waste removal, using naturally occurring substances like collagen and oxygen to keep it smooth and radiant. Certain external factors can have an impact on things like collagen production and other naturally occurring oils in the skin. Sunlight, pollution, wind, dirt, chemicals and even what we put in our body like certain foods and liquids (or lack thereof- like healthy foods and water). It can also be an age or hormonal issue as well. This is why consulting an expert like a dermatologist is so important- they can help you determine the exact causes. Knowing what is causing your uneven skin tone may not be able to treat it immediately but addressing the cause now can help prevent it from happening in the future.

Now, Let’s Make it Even

We know what it is, how it is caused and hopefully by if you are experiencing uneven skin tone, you have either been assessed by a dermatologist or have made an appointment. Knowing what causes it is great to help combat it in the future, but how do you treat it now? Uneven skin tone, especially on the face, can cause self-esteem issues and if it also causes problems when applying make-up, you may feel like you cannot escape it, which is why you want to treat as soon as possible. At home, you can take measures like staying out of the sun, staying hydrated and regularly exfoliating the skin, but there are professional treatments you can undergo to help treat the issue. Dermaplaning is one treatment you can undergo- it is an undemanding, painless and highly effective treatment that is an intense and even exfoliating treatment. It exfoliates the dead skin cell build-up on the outer layers of your skin. Another popular treatment is a Medlite Laser Facial. The perks of this treatment is that there is no downtime, so after getting it done, you can get right back to your life. Dermatologists and other skin care experts may also offer other treatment options, because depending on the cause, there may be a different way you can rectify the issue. It is important to remember though, no matter the cause or the treatment you choose, it is a problem that can be fixed so do not despair- the most important thing is that your skin is healthy and that is why consulting experts is the best decision you can make.