How Often Should I be Getting a Skin Facial Treatment?

DivinePRO TripollarSkin facial treatments are an important part of our self-care rituals. It is so soothing and relaxing to take the time out for yourself in your favourite skin care clinic. But as much as we enjoy facials it is important not to overdo it, which can be easy as they give such great results! So, how often should we be visiting our skincare specialist for these treatments? There are loose rules to follow when choosing the schedule for your facial treatments and below we have outlined the reasons why facials too close together can cause significant skin issues and how to avoid overdoing it.


For radiant, glowing skin there is little that can surpass the results of a professional facial treatment. But there are a few factors you need to consider when deciding how often you should attend. This includes your skin type, your age, your skin concerns and what kind of facial treatment you are having. More invasive treatments should be undertaken less often than non-invasive ones to allow your skin to replenish and get the best results.


The general rule of thumb is to allow three to four weeks between facial treatments, or one treatment per month. This is because your skin’s life cycle is about this length and after this period your skin cells are ready to be treated again. Ensuring that you keep to a schedule that suits your skin type will yield glowing and rejuvenated skin that is not overly treated to the point of damage. Less than two weeks between a facial is not advisable and there are no circumstances where facials this close together can be beneficial. They may have the opposite effect.


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1.Skin Type

The type of skin you naturally have is very important when deciding on your skin’s facial schedule. Those with normal to dry skin should adhere to the three to four-week period. If your skin concern is oily skin and acne-prone skin then treatments slightly closer together, or as close as possible to two to three weeks apart, should be optimal. This is because regular facials will help to reduce oil and sebum build-up in the layers of the skin and treat acne at the source. Facials, such as the microdermabrasion offered through providers like OzMedica skin clinic, help to process and remove excess oil from the skin and relieve oily buildup. This is a very effective treatment for acne and an oily complexion and will help to give glowing, healthy-looking skin. As your skin starts to see improvements you can make these appointments further apart as a maintenance treatment rather than an acne treatment. This way you can avoid going too far in the other direction and over-treating your skin.

There are treatments for dry skin and facials can be equally as beneficial. However, to avoid over-treating your skin you should stick to monthly appointments. This is the best point of call for anyone who experiences skin concerns other than acne and oily skin.


2. Age

Your age can be a factor in choosing your skincare regime as well. Those who are younger will likely need facials less often, as their skin is better able to repair itself and keep most skin concerns at bay with little assistance. However, if significant ski concerns arise, no matter your age, facials more often are advisable. This should still be kept to no more often than two or three weeks apart.


3. Available Time

If a monthly facial is not something that you can make time for, or do not feel as if you need it because of very limited or no skin concerns, then you should get one at least with the changing season. That means four per year in summer, autumn, winter and spring. The warmer weather can lead to sun damage that may need repairing while the colder weather can have its issues, such as dry skin. As the weather changes, we find that our skin needs to adapt and giving your face a little TLC can help to keep your complexion looking fantastic no matter what the weather is outside.

4. Home Facials Between Treatments

As much as facials carried out in the comfort of your home can be relaxing, the benefits do not match those of a professional facial at a skincare clinic. They are not as thorough and as such can generally be used more often as they do not require as much time to recover. They can keep your skin looking healthy if you feel you can not get to your optimal facial appointment every month.

With most skincare clinics you can enter for a free consultation where a professional can assess your skin and help you plan a regime that will suit your needs and your lifestyle. If you struggle to get any particular concerns, such as acne, dry and flaky skin or uneven skin tone under control then this may be the answer you have been searching for! To know how often you should be getting a professional facial the only real way to know is by consulting with your specialist. The above gives a brief guide on what you would expect on your first visit and what you should be prepared for to get the best results. You may find that with different facials you will need them less often than you expected for the best results, while others could be more often to maintain your needs. Getting the right plan in place for you is crucial to the best treatment. The fact of the matter is that everyone’s skin is different and each has our own unique needs that have to be addressed so we can look and feel our best.