Get your skin ready and rejuvenates for Christmas and NYE with this ONE treatment

With the wave of festivities approaching us, Christmas to New Year’s, it is time to put your best glow on! You want to look as radiant as possible and stand out of course but… what treatment do you go for?

We completely understand. We have clients coming in from time to time, right before big events, all puzzled with the idea of rejuvenating their skin as quickly as possible. Special occasions demand to look your absolute best, and especially our skin to look as best as it can. And the saviour treatment is… LED Light Therapy!


rejuvenate skin and laser clinic


Our answer will always be opting for the Light Therapy, because contrary to popular belief where people think LED treatments are “unsafe” or “not for everyone”, they are the most efficient and effective. The procedures are suitable for all skin types and conditions.


 LED has been used in the medical field for decades and has a long history for achieving desirable results. The Light Therapy penetrates into pores and targets the light receptors in our cells. This fuels our cells with the energy they require to function optimally.

Not only is it a fast procedure to get the job done but a pain free one at that! You can go back to your daily schedule right after because there is no downtime either. The safe and trusted technology at Ozmedica increases the rate of natural skin cell renewal, leaving you with a smoother skin and a radiant glow. Clients who are pregnant or breast-feeding aren’t left out either because it is that harmless. The therapy assists your skin in regenerating itself with deep penetrating waves which eliminates bacteria that is ruining your appearance.


 Whether you face issues like fine lines or wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne, the LED reduces imperfections and brightens your skin. There are several different forms of LED which treat different skin issues so there’s one for everyone.

RED light LED therapy works towards skin concerns of ageing while BLUE light LED fights conditions like acne. Either one of these would not require any more than 35 minutes of your time.


 Christmas is literally next week and 2020 is not that far off either, so we suggest to take advantage of the complimentary Skin Consultation to get your skin occasion-ready! We can ensure relaxation and complete rejuvenation. We are delighted to advise the best schedule for your treatments leading up to your big events to maximise results when adopting LED light therapy. Its proven ability to induce faster healing makes it perfect for the festivities.


 Combing it with a good skincare routine of cleansing and toning is all you would need for your best complexion in the New Year. SkinCeuticals product range is ideal for this because all the formulas are designed for skin rejuvenation. They can be perfect presents for your friends and family too. Come in and see for yourself!

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