What are freckles?

Freckles (or “ephelides”) are unique, benign, dark coloured spots or dots that form on the skin from a young age. They are produced by skin cells called melanocytes, which are actually acting as a natural skin protector.

Freckles fade in winter, decline as we age and are not a skin disorder. They are more visibly obvious on people with a fair complexion.

Freckles sit flat on our skin, which makes them different to moles or some birthmarks. Generally freckles are harmless (rarely developing into skin cancer) and are certainly very common in Australia.

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What causes freckles?

Freckles are formed from exposure to natural sunlight. They are essentially a visible result of over-active pigmentation, caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation creating an excess supply of melanin.

People develop freckles in varying rates at different stages of life depending on their genetic makeup. Although they are most prevalent on areas of the skin that are regularly uncovered like our faces and arms, they can occur all over the human body.

Freckles are best avoided by utilising shade and sunscreen to minimise UVA and UVB radiation interacting with the outer layers of human skin. Nevertheless, over the course of our busy, outdoor lives freckles appear on most people at some stage.

Treatments and freckle removal

Many people love their own freckles, however sometimes they are bothersome.

Although many patients enquire about the aesthetic results, freckles are rarely required to be treated for medical reasons. There does exist simple procedures to lighten or eliminate them if desired via expert planning and treatments available at Ozmedica.

Ultimately, the most effective approach for addressing unwanted freckles are non-surgical skin and laser treatments.

At Ozmedica Clinic we often treat clients that wish to alter the look of their freckled skin with excellent results. Most commonly this is done via laser pigmentation treatment, which is completely safe. This process has an extremely high success rate with low risks of discolouring or skin scarring.

The laser heats up and then targets the freckles essentially blasting the pigmentation with minimal pain and little damage to the surrounding skin. Following the procedure the freckles will darken for up to two weeks. It should not be undertaken if pregnant. The result is a smooth and consistent complexion.

Our chemical peel service can also drastically reduce the appearance of freckles and other unwanted pigmentations of the skin.

Our experienced and professional team members are more than happy to discuss other options such as bleaches or creams to lighten the look of your freckles.

Many people seek a DIY or home-remedy treatment for their freckles, but other than coverage with heavy makeup on the face, there is little that can be done around the home.

A consultation with one of our approachable professionals will ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate form of treatment for your unique facial complexion. Our focus is on total skin rejuvenation in a caring and good-natured setting.

If you are uncertain or concerned about any type of pigmentation on your body or face you should always seek a professional opinion.

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Total Skin Rejuvenation

Long-term Benefits

Although acne is very common amongst all persons, it can be extremely detrimental to one’s self-confidence. We believe that, regardless of your skin type or complexion, you are beautiful as you.

However, getting involved with treatments to reduce your acne is likely to leave you feeling more confident and self-assured. Our treatments do not alter your natural appearance. Rather, they enhance your natural beauty.

Our happy clients are a testament to our services which ensure that you are left with reduced acne and improved confidence.

After engaging in treatment with Ozmedica Clinic, you are less likely to encounter issues with acne and scarring in time ahead. Hence, treatment with us in an investment to your future.