Fight signs of ageing: Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin

Achieve your desired glow and slay the dragons of wrinkles, fine lines & sagging skin with the Pro Yellow Laser treatment.

Derma pod anti aging treatment melbourne

It would seem like you just returned from a vacation because this new laser approach is professional therapy for the skin and specific to signs of ageing. Along with that, it also treats conditions like skin discolouration, melasma, deeper pigmentation and blemishes, sunspots, freckles, sun-damage, rosacea, teen acne, acne scarring and more. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer it rewards you by making you appear younger.

Over 60% of Australian women rated ‘skin quality’ to be the top three contributors to beauty. Moreover, it is the human body’s largest organ! Now, ageing is a part of life but your skin does not need to age along with it. Did you know the first few signs of skin ageing are near the eyes? If you spot dark circles, saggy skin or wrinkles, your skin is indicating that it is time to rejuvenate!

LED treatments are perfect standalone treatments as they have a long history of success. They are safe, efficient and suitable for all skin types. The LED Light gets rid of toxins by triggering the lymphatic system. It also improves collagen and skin hydration, leaving you with a healthy and energised glowing skin!

The Pro Yellow Laser is a deep penetrating professional medical grade treatment which targets the skin cells and tissues to provide them with energy to function at optimal level. It is renowned for conditions specific to blood vessels in the dermis and pigmentation lying in the deeper layers of the skin. Thereafter, it is the ideal antiaging treatment to fight skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines & sagging skin. We have seen amazing results with the Pro Yellow Laser at Ozmedica Clinic, compared to all other treatments for these conditions.

This treatment improves uneven skin texture and skin tone, brightens your appearance and reduces pore size. It amplifies your skincare routine by charging your skin cells with more energy. Other skin issues like breakouts, facial redness or dryness are treated as well. How? The Pro Yellow Laser increases the skin’s ability to hold hyaluronic acid and water, and works as a healing light for future acne/scars. By doing so it reduces the appearance of fine lines, skin discolouration and wrinkles. It improves skin quality and gives you a radiant glow!

What’s the catch?

 Well, there is none because on top of all that, it is a much comfortable procedure at that! As the strength of the laser does not need to be as high, there is reduced redness after the procedure and a very low risk of side effects. Nonetheless, customers witness an enhanced glow and gain more confidence in their skin. Continued improvements on the treated area are seen over the following weeks and full results are visible after 4-6 weeks of treatment.

Alike all laser treatments, you will need to protect your skin from UV rays. To ensure best results are prevailed, staying away from sunlight is the best course of action as the skin becomes more sensitive for some time after the treatment.

Other than that, when the full results are attained, the blemishes you cover with makeup are all gone! Opt for the targeted and specific Pro Yellow Laser to enjoy the long-term benefit of a youthful skin… Book your complimentary Skin Consultation with our expert clinicians to examine your skin carefully for this treatment.

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