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What is dehydrated skin?

When something is lacking in water it is deemed to be dehydrated and your skin is no exception.

Although dehydrated skin can appear dry, it is not the same as having a dry skin condition. Dehydrated skin is deficient in water whereas dry skin is lacking in natural oils. This means that the treatments that will prove most effective differ also.

Dry skin is generally due to your individual skin type and this means that your sebaceous glands do not produce enough natural oils. Dehydrated skin however is a condition, not a skin type, and it is an indication that your skin needs help.

The side effects of dehydrated skin usually involve a dry itching sensation, redness as well as flaking and wrinkles becoming more noticeable.

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Clinical Treatment options
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What causes dehydrated skin?

Dehydration refers to a condition that results from your body ingesting less water than it expels. So, although drinking more water is a logical first step, dehydration can come about due to an upsurge in fluid loss via sweating from exercise or increased urination due to caffeine or certain medications.

Your skin suffers the effects of dehydration in line with the rest of your body. Dehydrated skin is most commonly a symptom of general system-dryness, similar to dizziness, a dry mouth, weakness or darker coloured urine.

It is important to ascertain whether your skin is dry or dehydrated so that you can treat the symptoms. Our friendly experts at Ozmedica Clinic will be happy to advise if your skin is dehydrated, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to provide a thorough analysis.

What causes dull looking skin?

A dull looking complexion is a common concern for many of our clients. When visitors bring up these self-observations it usually means they are feeling as though they are lacking a radiance or glow that their younger skin possessed.

Dehydration can certainly be responsible for dull looking skin, particularly around the face and neck. Other reasons for dull or lifeless looking skin include factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, fatigue, stress, sun damage and the natural aging process.

If your skin is being deprived of the moisture, oils, minerals or oxygen it needs to remain healthy and glowing, then it will appear dull.

Other aspects like fine lines, wrinkles and an uneven complexion can give the appearance of dull looking skin too. Ozmedica Clinic has specific techniques available for these concerns as well. Consultation is an important initial part of the process to ensure the best results are achieved following a proper diagnosis with our expert team.

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Clinical Treatment options

Long-term Benefits

Although acne is very common amongst all persons, it can be extremely detrimental to one’s self-confidence. We believe that, regardless of your skin type or complexion, you are beautiful as you.

However, getting involved with treatments to reduce your acne is likely to leave you feeling more confident and self-assured. Our treatments do not alter your natural appearance. Rather, they enhance your natural beauty.

Our happy clients are a testament to our services which ensure that you are left with reduced acne and improved confidence.

After engaging in treatment with Ozmedica Clinic, you are less likely to encounter issues with acne and scarring in time ahead. Hence, treatment with us in an investment to your future.

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