How it Works

An advanced 3-in-1 microdermabrasion treatment with little to no downtime, that exfoliates, improves circulation and oxygenation.
DermaSweep takes microdermabrasion to a new level. A clinicians-only treatment, it’s a huge step above the traditional 
microdermabrasion treatments used in beauty therapy clinics. Using proprietary-level bristle treatment tips, DermaSweep gently 
lifts away the top layer of the skin, increasing circulation to enhance oxygenation and lymphatic drainage, then delivers high-performance 
skin specific infusions for targeted skin change on any wide variety of skin conditions.

Express DermaSweep

30 minutes

Reveal a smoother, refined skin texture as DermaSweep 
exfoliates for a flawless complexion. Eliminate surface imperfections and stimulate collagen production for natural elasticity and enhanced circulation.

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Deluxe DermaSweep 
with Infusion

50 minutes

Experience the threefold benefits of oxygenation, improved circulation, 
and exfoliation with our Deluxe DermaSweep treatment. This advanced microdermabrasion targets skin concerns like sun damage, pigmentation, 
and acne. Improve lymphatic drainage whilst indulging your skin with 
a tailored vitamin infusion to enhance skin appearance and reduce imperfections including uneven skin tone.

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Medlite + DermaSweep
with infusion

75 minutes

Experience DermaSweep with an infusion and Medlite Laser to reach deep layers of the skin. A non-invasive facial treatment that requires no downtime. The Medlite Laser utilises short pulses against the skin’s surface to resurface the skin and target irregularities and deep pigmentation.

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See the Results

An advanced 3-in-1 microdermabrasion treatment with little to no downtime that exfoliates, improves circulation and oxygenation.

Dermasweep FAQ

Results usually appear after the first treatment. Typically, after 3–4 weeks when the healthy skin has grown back, it will 
be time for another treatment. Your clinician will advise you on a specific treatment plan that will be best for you.

The DermaSweep treatment works on multiple skin types and conditions including sun exposure, acne, pigmentation and more. 
We advise to sit down with our clinicians for an initial consultation to discuss your problematic areas and work out the most 
effective treatment plan for you.

On average, you may need 4–6 treatments to achieve optimal results.