What is dermaplaning?

Similar to many other beauty treatments, dermaplaning removes the upper layer of the epidermis, which is what is responsible for making our faces appear dull or aged. The dermaplaning process reveals the younger, smoother skin beneath the dead or rough cells resulting in a gorgeous and supple glow.


It is essentially a modern exfoliation procedure that aims to scrape away the unwanted section of the skin, however with dermaplaning this includes the fine and tiny hairs.

The surgical blade, similar to a scalpel is worked back and forth at a 45-degree angle to lightly lift away the undesirable skin and hair follicles. The technique also stimulates the skin, which aids in the production of naturally occurring collagen and the even distribution of melanin, which is responsible for our pigmentation patterns.

Following a dermaplaning session the skin will feel exceptionally smooth, however there are several factors to consider following your treatment. Your face could feel slightly more tender or more sensitive than normal for up to a week afterwards. Plus patients should avoid exposure to sunlight (particularly during the warmer summer months) and exfoliating processes all together.

Why choose dermaplaning?

Not only is the appearance of skin more youthful with added benefits like an even texture, but the treatment also allows skin care products to be absorbed more easily and effectively.

Plus the dermaplaning procedure is generally suitable for all skin types.

Because dermaplaning is effective in skimming off the layers of skin around bumpy inconsistencies, it can indeed be beneficial for those wanting to reduce the noticeability of pimples and acne scarring. However, those clients with severe acne or prolonged scarring should consult the knowledgable staff at Ozmedica Clinic.

Additionally, those wishing to undertake dermaplaning who have heavy or deep wrinkles are also encouraged to have a discussion with our friendly staff. This will help to ascertain the finest treatment strategy for their individual face.

Different to microdermabrasion, with dermaplaning because the fine hairs are removed from the facial area the use of makeup has been revolutionised. Clients explain that their favourite makeup products have never looked better with consistent and even application leading to a stunning outcome that is better than before.

Dermaplanning should always be conducted by a trained and certified beauty professional in a controlled and sanitary environment. This will continue to ensure your face avoids injury, infection and irritation.

Also because dermaplaning is completely chemical-free it is a common option for those mothers who are breast-feeding or female clients who are pregnant. This simple, non-toxic process is often suitable for those with pre-existing health conditions or patients taking medications, simply ask your expert at Ozmedica Clinic if you have any concerns.

In recent years several celebrities have adopted dermaplaning as part of their skin treatment routine, resulting in many glowing reviews across the globe.

“…this week I tried dermaplaning (professional face-shaving of the tiny fine face hairs with a single blade) for the first time… exfoliating, brightening, skin-tone-evening, non-inflammatory… great for pigmentation sufferers, helps skin care penetrate better, and makes your skin freakishly smooth… meaning your makeup will sit PERFECTLY.” – Zoe Foster Blake (Instagram)

Dermaplaning is a relatively efficient process, normally only taking around 45 minutes to be undertaken at Ozmedica Clinic. The advised schedule of treatments is between four and five sessions, around one month apart.

Additional advantages of dermaplaning as a facial treatment include it being entirely pain free. Although the professional and patented blade could seem daunting, there is nothing to be concerned about, it is completely safe and feels gentle on the skin. Plus, there is absolutely no downtime, you can head back to work afterwards or even meet the girls out for a drink.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?


 The benefits of choosing dermaplaning are varied and plentiful. Along with rejuvenating the look of lifeless or flaky skin, it also works wonderfully in conjunction with other beauty routines and treatments.

Dermaplaning also enhances the look and the feel of your makeup regardless of the occasion.

When one of our experts at Ozmedica Clinic uses the practice of dermaplaning to remove that aging outer layer of skin and hair they are also supporting your skin in contending with unwelcome breakouts often caused by congested pores and the hairs themselves.

One of the most common questions and misconceptions of dermaplaning is that the facial hairs will grow back thicker, darker or in a higher abundance than previously. This is simply not the case, the regrowth of the hairs will be exactly the same regardless.

As with many of our professional treatments and procedures at Ozmedica Clinic, dermaplaning will produce younger looking, healthy and glowing skin with a smoothed, bright texture and complexion.

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