Chin sculpting – How to get rid of your Double Chin (non-surgical procedure)

Chin Sculpting

Now, fat anywhere else can be easily hidden away and you can get away with it most times but what about the one that is right under your face!? That’s right, we are talking about the ultimate selfie killer – a double chin.

With social media on a rise during social distancing, everyone wants to look their best in photos and a double chin just does not work in favour. It is the perfect time to work on yourself but, we get it, it is hard to escape and you are not sure what to do about it. And we have good news for you because with the latest technology, there is such a thing as CHIN SCULPTING! And this one is a non-surgical beauty treatment so you don’t have to worry about anything.

chin fat removal

But why do I have a double chin in the first place?

 This can be due to various reasons like genetics, weight gain or most significantly because of ageing. Sometimes stubborn fat around different parts of the body are difficult to get rid of anyway. This unwanted fat can make people appear heavier than they are.

Surgical procedures like liposuction take care of this but there are catches with it too, like long recovery time. Fortunately, an innovative new procedure of Chin Sculpting is possible which reduces submental space fullness and does not have any downtime. You don’t need to work for it like dieting and exercising require.

How does this ‘Chin Sculpting’ work?

This non-surgical procedure is carried out with the help of the latest technology called SculpSure Fat Reduction. It is a simple 25-minute procedure which is also pain-free! What it does is breaks down the fat cells and dissolves them, which make their way out of the body through the lymphatic system. You can resume to your day-to-day activities right after because there is no recovery time.

This non-invasive contouring sculpts your chin with 100% fat cell removal. This is an ideal procedure for weight loss which involves no anaesthesia or needles as it is a non-surgical treatment method. We, at OzMedica Aesthetic, specialise in non-surgical beauty treatments and strongly recommend it because we have over 90% patient satisfaction with this treatment. The fact that the results are everlasting excites most customers but that does not mean the body will stop producing fat cells in that area, so fat maintenance is suggested after treatment.

The best and more well-defined results are usually visible after 12 weeks. Just have a look at the results of 12 weeks and only 2 treatment sessions in the picture below. The method involves applicators being placed over your double-chin area to transmit light-based energy which targets fat cells. Within coming weeks of the treatment, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells through urine.

Get a defined and more sculpted face with SculpSure double chin removal method. OzMedica Aesthetic Skin & Beauty clinic is keen on delivering results and giving you your desired look. Want to discuss more with one of our expert clinicians? We offer Free Consultation as well so get on it!

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