Beauty Trends that are taking over in 2020

Trends keep changing over time and beauty standards are just getting better and better. There are heaps of new products and beauty treatments coming into the spotlight, but it’s vital to know which ones are worth it. To enhance your beauty, you should know what actually works before you opt for them. With the new year nearly upon us, be sure to welcome the right beauty trends into your routine.

Total Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin is now a pertinent part of your beauty than ever. Over 66% of Australian women rated complexion and skin quality in their top contributors to female beauty (Allergan 2017). Thereafter, it is certain that your skin will say more about your beauty in 2020. If you haven’t been taking care of skin so far, it’s better to start the earliest as possible because it will represent you for a long time.

That is why it is important to choose good skincare products that you use every day. But the biggest question is: What brand do you trust? Well, in such cases, choose logic over intuition. Pick a brand which has a reputation for having well-researched science based formulas. SkinCeuticals is an advanced professional skincare line which will give you that daily glow you desire. We get it, sometimes eating healthy and makeup can eventually affect your skin quality badly but if you train your skin to sparkle every day, it won’t complain and breakout. Choose the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Gel and dab it onto a cotton pad to remove those stubborn pigments of makeup and dirt. Oils and gels work amazing for this clean-up. However, there are still some traces of dirt and grease entering your skin and before they build a home, follow up with a richer formula to remove them with the SkinCeuticals Clarifying Exfoliating Cleanser.

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Include these simple steps into your skincare routine daily with some weekly beauty treatments that are taking over.

You must have seen the video of a face shaving beauty movement called Dermaplaning (or Derma Blading). The crazy video where dirt and impurities are scraped off one’s face even though you couldn’t notice them before on the surface. That’s what this treatment does! It’s almost like magic when dead skin and peach fuzz is removed from the surface of your skin in no time! Even better, it has long term benefits like reduction of fine lines, pigmentation, acne scars, removal of fine facial hair, increased cell turnover, even skin texture and increased skincare absorption. So, you can walk into 2020 with confidence in your skin!

Equally as effective and more soothing is the DermaSweep, zapping the impurities out of your skin. For a brighter, clearer and healthier skin, DermaSweep is the ideal beautymicrodermabrasion treatment. Why? Because it takes microdermabrasion to a whole new level, leaving traditional microdermabrasion in 2019. It’s an advanced 3-in-1 microdermabrasion treatment with little to no downtime that’s perfect for skin exfoliation.

makeupNo one says they regret taking care of their skin and beauty… So, get on with the upcoming 2020 trends and up your beauty care game!